Friday, May 18, 2018

2 Samuel 16

Ziba blessed David, but Shimei cursed him, and David knew that men are not to be our judges, but the Lord God whose judgment is according to truth. He was encouraged when people supported him, but so patient and calm when others abused him. David comforted himself that God is in control, and would bring good things out of these afflictions. Let us be reminded that Jesus Christ prayed for those who reviled and crucified Him, enduring all the sufferings. The Lord portrayed at the cross that a humble spirit will turn the reproaches into victory. God bless.

2 Samuel 15

Absalomic spirit is a rebellion against authority. Here, Absalom rebelled against the king, and how wicked is it for children to take advantage of their good parents, deceiving them with the show of religiosity. This situation is similar with the good church pastor taking advantage by other fake workers. David is determined to leave Jerusalem for the sake of his people. He even compelled others not to join and suffer with him, thinking that it is God's will to go alone as punishment for his past sins. He understood that all things are in the perfect hands of God. In our lives, always seek God's will, and listen to His voice in the spirit of humility. God bless.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

2 Samuel 14

With the help of Joab, Absalom returned to Jerusalem from banishment, and David was inclined to favor and grant him grace. God forgives anyone who is willing to humble and ask forgiveness, and this is what David wants to apply for his son. But, nothing is said of Absalom's wisdom and piety, except that he was handsome and with nice hair, a poor commendation for a future leader of God. Indeed, outward appearance is not enough, God looks at the heart. May the Lord grant us the beauty of holiness and a meek and humble spirit. God bless.

2 Samuel 13

Adultery and murder were David's past sins, and he was followed with one trouble after another. The murder of Amnon and the rape of Tamar can be traced from David's own misconduct. Amnon engaged his servants in the guilt; ill-taught who obey wicked master against God's command. David instead of declaring Absalom as a murderer, longed to go forth to him. We can’t blame the feeling of a father. In this story, we see in real life that instead of pleasing God, they honor people. God bless.

2 Samuel 12

Nathan confronts David by telling a parable. It is God's grace to take him out from more sinful way, by showing him how much God hates sin even among His own people. Whatever He finds it, He will not let it go unpunished. Like David, if we will say no word to excuse ourselves but freely owns it, we can be assured that our sins will be forgiven. David humbly and patiently submitted to the will of God in the death of his child to Bathsheba, and as a result, God bless him at the birth of Solomon. May the Lord grant us grace and favor all the days of our lives. God bless.

2 Samuel 11

When we neglected our duties, or in the attitude of laziness and idleness, we give great advantage to the tempter. In this case, David began to sin, and he cannot stop its aggravation. His sin hardens his heart, and provokes not only to commit adultery but murder as well. The beginnings of sin, whatever it might be, are much to be dreaded, because we don’t know where this sin will end. But with the Lord’s help and guidance, there is mercy and redemption. The Lord is able to recover His people, provided they are willing to repent and face the consequences of their negligence. May the Lord protect us and lead us away from all forms of evil ways. God bless.

2 Samuel 10

When David sent his delegation to Ammon to console, they were treated in the most contemptuous manner. He shows kindness, but they respond with cruelty and harshness. Then they declared war against David. In this war, we can see how the armies of Israel strengthen one another's hand, and obtain victories. As Christ soldiers in spiritual warfare, we too must fortify our bond of unity, not for his own only, in order to achieve God's plan for us. God bless.