Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Genesis 47

Jacob and his children lived in Egypt, and Pharaoh offered to employ them as shepherds. Jacob lived 17 more years and died at 147, the years of his pilgrimage. Jacob's life was full of troubles while on earth, but now, full of happiness and great joy in the presence of the Almighty. And as the famine became more severe, the people were ready to die. Their gold, flocks, horses and wealth could not feed them, and if God should withhold rain to fall down to earth, the whole world shall starve to death. Here we can see how much we are at God's mercy. As the multitudes of the Egyptians were grateful to Joseph, we Christians should be more grateful to Jesus for saving our lives, not only from famine but also for perfect salvation. And if saved by Christ, we shall be willing to become His servants. When Jacob saw that his departure was approaching, he asked Joseph to bury his body Canaan, a land given by God to Abraham. Today, let our prayer concern is to live with Christ and to die with Him forever. God bless.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Genesis 46

Jacob was old and he still sought God's counsel, assistance and blessing as he traveled down to Egypt. Since God had covenant love with his forefathers, God will continue to attend on their needs, and they could expect His presence and peace which it confers. It was now five generations after the first covenant made by God with Abraham (Gen. 15), and his descendants began to grow. They had increase to 70 persons including Joseph and his two sons, which later became a vast multitude. In Goshen, Jacob met his long lost son Joseph with fullness of joy and drama. Though shepherding was abomination to the Egyptians, yet Joseph was not ashamed to own this as their occupation before Pharaoh. And beside, Joseph's vision for his entire family was to go back to the promised land. Here shows that we need to abide with our calling or ministry assignment to God. We should not be ashamed of our humble beginning, but be proud of it, because this is our landmark where in God had called us for His own glory. God bless.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Genesis 45

After asking all his attendants to go out, Joseph revealed himself to his brothers, and found them shocked and humbled for their sins. In the last days, Jesus will reveal Himself literally to His brethren, the Jews, that they may know Him. In all his wisdom, Joseph told his brothers that it was God who sent him in Egypt, not them, to keep them alive, especially in time of famine, so that they will be preserved and become a great nation. And God made him a counselor to Pharaoh and ruler of all the land of Egypt (v8). Pharaoh was kind to Joseph and his family, and he offered them to come, bring their families back and live in Goshem. When Jacob heard that Joseph was still alive, it was indeed too good news to be true. But when he saw the provision sent by Joseph, his spirit was revived and convinced of the truth. Like the sons of Jacob, we have sinned against Jesus Christ, yet despite our iniquities, He had loved us with an everlasting love, and revealed Himself in us, so that we may know that He is our King, Ruler and Savior of our souls. God bless.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Genesis 44

As per Joseph's instruction, the steward put the silver cup in the sack of Benjamin, and the children of Israel were charged with being ungrateful, rewarding evil for good. As a result, they throw themselves upon Joseph's mercy, and acknowledged the righteousness of God. Perhaps, they remembered the evil thing they had done to Joseph, and thought that God was now punishing them. Judah stood up and intercede for Benjamin. Now, if we will advance our reading, we can see that only the tribe of Benjamin remained with Judah, while the ten tribes left, when the nation of Israel was divided in the the time of Jeroboam (1 Kings 12:23). Like Judah, we must acknowledged that God is righteous, even in time of calamity in life, and find out our sin and wrongdoing. God is not unjust, and He will only bring our sins to our remembrance, that we may exercise and show repentance, and feel how much we owe to His mercy. God bless.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Genesis 43

For the second time, the children of Israel went down to Egypt to buy grain, and with the consent of Jacob, the youngest son Benjamin joined. They brought back the money they found in the sack, and brought more money expecting that the price of grain might be risen, also, they brought a present that were scarce in Egypt. The famine was severe in Canaan, yet they had balm, myrrh, honey and nuts. Joseph had ordered his steward to take them to his house, and it even frightened them more. But the steward encouraged them to trust in their God and the God of their forefathers (v23). It seems that he had been evangelized by Joseph to believe to the God of the Hebrews. When his brother saw Joseph, they bowed down to him again with fear and respect. Joseph showed kindness to them, and treated them morally. They ate bread with joy, with special treatment to Benjamin, and their cares and fears were now over. Here shows that if God accept our works and present, we have the reason to be cheerful. One day we will sit-down with Jesus Christ, to eat and rejoice at the marriage of the Lamb. God bless.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Genesis 42

The famine was severe, and it affected up to the land of Canaan. Jacob sent his children to buy. When Joseph saw his brothers, he was hard upon them, not from spirit of revenge, but to bring them to repentance. Joseph settled that one of them should be left, and bring Benjamin to Egypt. Meanwhile, his brothers were being accused by their conscience on the things that happened to them. Conscience and guilt spoke strongly, and it may bring to our mind things that we're done against others long ago. Christ came to solve our guilt problem. He cleansed us from all unrighteousness. At the end, they went back to Canaan with grain, and Joseph gives out supplies without price by putting the money inside their sacks. But their father Jacob was against the idea to bring Benjamin to Egypt. Thus Christ, like Joseph, gives out our needs; salvation, forgiveness of sin, healing, and provisions  without money and without price. Even the poorest are invited by Christ to come and received the full blessings from Him. God bless.

Genesis 41

Through dreams, God had shown Pharaoh the things that are about to happen in the land of Egypt. The dreams were so mysterious so that no one in Egypt could interpret their meanings. With the help of the chief butler, and through the power of God, Joseph had provided the interpretation. There will be seven years of abundance, but afterwards, a severe famine for the next seven years shall deplete the entire land. Using spiritual wisdom, Joseph gave good strategies to Pharaoh, and in return, Pharaoh honored Joseph in Egypt. He got married, and His firstborn son Manasseh had caused him to forget his misery; while the second son Efraim made him fruitful in the land of his affliction. Truly, suffering is not permanent to those who put their trust in the Lord. Jesus is faithful to His words, so don't stop believing because in the end, we will be with Him forever. God bless.