Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Exodus 3

The deliverance of Israel begins with a cry, but the Lord hears and calls Moses to redeem them from the bondage of slavery. Moses was hesitant to his calling, but when God calls a person, he must attend upon His plan, for God will equip him and provide the needs to fulfill the plan. "I AM THAT I AM" is God's revealed named which means He is self-existent, eternal and unchangeable, incomprehensible, and faithful to His promises… Reading: Exo 3, God bless. PF

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Exodus 2

Moses' parents hid him by faith because they believed that the fear of God should stand above the fear of man. When they could not hide the infant any longer, they put him in an ark of bulrushes by the river's brink, and set his sister to watch. But God's providence brings Pharaoh's daughter to the place where this poor infant lay. Our lesson is that God cares for us, He knows what is going on, no one can hinder His plan for His chosen people… Reading. Exo 2, God bless. PF

Monday, October 28, 2013

Exodus 1

The land of Egypt became home to the Israelites, and they increase in numbers. Then a new king who did not know Joseph arose and made them slaves; the offense is, that the Israelites prosper. The land of liberty became a land of bondage. It may become true to our generation, that the place we have been happy, may soon become the place of our affliction. So, our greatest care should be to serve God, and set our hearts in heaven… Reading: Exo 1, God bless PF. 

Friday, October 25, 2013

Genesis 50

After the death of Jacob, Joseph's brother thought he would avenge himself on them, so they humbled themselves to soften his heart, pleading with him as the servants of Jacob's God. But Joseph was moved at seeing this complete fulfillment of his dreams. He told them not to fear him but fear God saying, "you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good." Let us learn from the spirit of Joseph, to render good for evil… Reading: Gen. 50. God bless. PF.

Genesis 49

Jacob's pronouncement of blessings was a precept to unite them in love, not to mingle with Egyptians. They should not be separated as Abraham & Isaac's descendants, but to live as one people of God. This is not expression of personal feeling, but the language of the Holy Spirit, declaring God's purpose for children of Israel which may be seen in their histories. In here, it is not to Joseph but to Judah, that Israel's children should praise and bow down… Reading: Gen. 49, God bless. PF 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Genesis 48

All believers are blessed at their death, but not all depart equally full of spiritual comforts. Jacob adopted Joseph's two sons; the purpose was to included in the inheritance of the promise made to Abraham and Isaac, and not to succeed Joseph's power in Egypt. In blessings the 2 sons, Jacob acted not in affection but in prophecy and by Divine counsel. Sometimes, when God bestows blessings upon His people, He gives more gifts and graces to some than to others according to their ability… Reading: Gen. 48, God bless. PF

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Genesis 47

There was no bread, and the people were ready to die. If the Egyptian had consumed all what they had in 7 years of plenty, they had been erased in the history. It shows that we only depend upon God's providence. Wealth cannot keep us from starving, silver and gold cannot feed us in time of famine. The Egyptian said to Joseph, "You have saved our lives!" In the last days, Christians will also utter, "Jesus, You have saved our souls from terrible destructions!" Reading: Gen. 47. God bless. PF

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Genesis 46

The man of God like Jacob would never forget to think and thank God in all of his plans. In response, God spoke to Jacob saying not to be afraid to go to Egypt for He is with him, and has promised that He will bring him back to the land. If we are God's children, nothing can encourage us to fear no evil when passing through the dark night and the unknown future but the presence of Christ our Lord. He is with us always... Reading: Gen. 46, God bless. PF  

Genesis 45

It was not his brother that sent Joseph to Egypt but God (v8). Yet, his brothers were shocked and could not talk. Sinner must grieve and be angry with the sins they had done against others, though God brings good out of it. Joseph revealed himself to his brothers, so as Jesus revealed himself to Paul, to the disciples and to those who love Him. Unless He reveals Himself, people will not recognize Him... Reading: Gen. 45, God bless. PF

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Genesis 44

The cup is Joseph's test if the brothers hated Benjamin. He wanted to know that if the cup found upon Benjamin, would they leave him to be a slave like what they did to him before? But they throw themselves upon his mercy instead, and acknowledge God's righteousness, perhaps thinking of the abuse they had formerly done to Joseph. Judah's plead to Benjamin's life was genuine, and they were all rewarded... Reading: Gen. 44, God bless. PF

Friday, October 18, 2013

Genesis 43

The famine was sore in Canaan, yet they had delicate foods like balm, myrrh, honey and spice. Men can live without them, but can't live without plain food like corn, bread and rice. In the days of tribulations, the most luxurious things like gold will be considered nothing compared to the excellency of the knowledge of Christ. But if we are in God's hand like Israel's children, we have nothing to fear, for His grace is sufficient... Reading: Gen. 43, God bless. PF. 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Genesis 42

The famine was severe in the whole earth, but there was food in Egypt. When Joseph saw his brothers bowing down before him, he recognized them but they did not recognized him. Joseph was hard upon his brethren, not from a spirit of revenge, but to bring them to repentance. This is a scene that is about to happen in the first coming of Messiah, the children of Israel will not recognize Him, but the Messiah will recognize them... Reading: Gen. 42, God bless, PF.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Genesis 41

Pharaoh's dream was frightening, but Joseph offered good advice. He gave him a warning followed by a good counsel. Joseph rose to power, and was given an honorable testimony, a man in whom the Spirit of God is. His new name was  Zaphnath-paaneah, meaning "a revealer of secrets." This story encourages us to trust in God. We must not be secure in prosperity because years of plenty will end, but Gods' words will never pass away... Reading: Gen. 41, God bless. PF

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Genesis 40

Joseph claimed that interpreting dreams is God’s business, and he is careful to ascribe the glory to God. The interpretation could be good to the hearing, like the butler's, or miserable, like the baker's dream. In any case, it was not Joseph's fault that he brought the baker bad news and the butler good news. The lesson here is that we should be careful to work with people in authority, our  negligence could lead us to our own destruction... Reading: Gen. 40, God bless. PF

Monday, October 14, 2013

Genesis 39

The Lord was with Joseph, and God prospered his master Potiphar for the sake of Joseph. Though he was accused of evil things by the wife, but the truth will always prevail. If God is for us, He will always bless us, and our ministries will be prospered because good men and women are God's blessings to the place where they live. A good person will do good wherever he/she is, and will be a blessing even in time of trials and troubles... Reading: Gen. 39, God bless. PF

Friday, October 11, 2013

Genesis 37

Joseph was his father's favorite, yet he was not brought up in idleness. At 17, he knew his duties and ready to listen to the voice of his father. His brothers hated him but God comforted him through dreams. The irony is that, his brothers had tried to defeat these dreams, but they themselves became the instruments to accomplish the dreams. Lesson: Be God's instrument to fulfill His purpose in a positive way... Reading: Gen. 37, God bless. PF

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Genesis 36

The records in this chapter show the faithfulness of God to his promise to Abraham. Esau is called Edom, that name which kept up the remembrance of his selling his birth-right for a beef stew. They moved to Seir (south) and prospered materially, but bankrupt spiritually. The children of covenant stayed in Canaan, a barren land, because they believed that there is hope for them to remain in God's presence and promises... Reading: Gen. 36, God bless. PF

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Genesis 35

As head of the family, Jacob used his authority to keep up the true religion in his family, by putting away all strange gods. Though the Canaanites were very angry against them, yet they were kept back by Divine power. If we are on the right track with God, surely God is with us, as we are with Him. We may encounter difficulties in life, like Jacob's troubles, but rest assured that we are under His special protection... Reading: Gen. 35, God bless. PF 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Genesis 34

Religion can be your protection or destruction; for loving the Lord or loving other things; for spiritual gain or personal gain. The Shechemites submitted to the sacred rite of circumcision, only to serve their king and to enrich themselves. But God will not allow that His holy covenant used by other people for their own purpose, and it was just with God to bring punishment upon them. Don't use Jesus for personal purpose... Reading: Gen. 34, God bless. PF

Monday, October 7, 2013

Genesis 33

Jacob believed that it is not in vain to trust in God and to call upon Him in the day of trouble. As a result, Esau received him as a brother, not enemy, with tenderness and humility. But he declined Esau's invitation to accompany them, simply because he knew his brother's personality. It is better to be in the Lord's perfect Hands than to walk with ungodly people. He settled in Shechem and "purchased" a parcel of land there... Reading: Gen. 33, God bless. PF. 

Friday, October 4, 2013

Genesis 31

Though Jacob had been deceived by Laban for a long time, God's promise of protection to His servants will always true and eternal. 
Jacob thought himself unworthy to be regarded, but was beloved by God for his father's sake. He calls Him the God of Abraham, & the Fear of Isaac. Abraham was dead, and now in a place where perfect love casts out fear; but Isaac was yet alive, sanctifying the Lord in his heart, as his fear and his dread... Reading: Gen. 31, God bless. PF

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Genesis 30

Rachel envied her sister and asked Jacob forcefully to give her a child. Jacob's response is true, only God can give them a child, all other means are man-made or carnal. In our ministries, bear in mind that only God can give us success, can bring new converts into the kingdom of God, all other personal plans and interest will come to nothing. What we need is God's favor, humility, like Jacob who had been blessed by his Lord whatever he does... Reading: Gen. God bless, PF. 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Genesis 29

As Jacob settles in Haran, Laban offers him payment for the work as a shepherd. Jacob agrees with Laban to work for 7 years in return for Rachel, whom he loved. However, Jacob was to discover that Laban could be just as much a deceiver as he had been. On Jacob’s wedding night, Laban substitutes his older daughter, Leah. However, Jacob agrees to work 7 more years to marry Rachel.  Jacob loved Rachel more than Leah... Reading: Gen. 29, God bless. PF.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Genesis 28

The Bible shows that Isaac was careful not to allow Jacob to marry a Canaanite woman. On his way to Padan, Jacob saw a ladder in his dream that reached its top to heaven. Then The Lord spoke to him, revealed Himself and confirmed the covenant which He had made with His forefathers, and promised to bring him back again to the land. Always remember that God is faithful to His words. Whom God loves, He never leaves... Reading: Gen. 28, God bless. PF.