Saturday, May 31, 2014

Ruth 4

Ruth bore a son, through whom David, the greatest king of Israel came. She was instrumental to be in the lineal ancestor of Messiah so that millions of people, Jews and Gentiles, would be saved by Him. Ruth was a witness for God to the Gentile world, that He had not forsaken them, but that in due time they should become one with His chosen people, and partake of His eternal plan. And for that, all nations shall call the Savior, blessed... Reading: Ruth 4, God bless. 

Friday, May 30, 2014

Ruth 3

Naomi's advised to Ruth was according to the laws and usages of Israel. The law and custom of Israel gave Ruth a legal claim upon Boaz, and it was a customary for widows to assert this claim (Deut. 25:5-10). This story signifies our legal claim on the kingdom of God. We were once outsider, having no hope in the promises of God. But through Jesus Christ who is the kinsman redeemer, we are now partakers of the inheritance for the redeemed... Reading: Ruth 3, God bless. 

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Ruth 2

Ruth was portrayed as a humble person who had known the God of Israel. True faith will teach a person to behave aright in all states and conditions, and will cause mutual agape-love and kindness among of different ranks. Boaz, a rich and good man ordered her to be well treated, a similar kindness of Jesus Christ to the poor sinners like us. We have been blessed by the Lord, and may the Lord bless the one who helped us grow in faith... Reading: Ruth 2, God bless. 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Ruth 1

We find here excellent examples of struggles of the immigrants in a foreign land, and the special care which God's providence take of our smallest concerns, while encouraging us to fully trust in Him. It tells that earthly trials or sufferings are temporary, and death is the final solution from those. In this world we have no choice to keep off from these kinds of situation. That's why Jesus came to build us up so that but we can be overcomer against all odds... Reading: Ruth 1, God bless. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Judges 21

Israel lamented for the Benjamites, and were perplexed by the oath they had taken, not to give their daughters to them in marriage. It shows that they are more zealous to support their own authority than that of God. It would be better if they had repented of their rash oaths, sought forgiveness, and brought offerings, rather than attempt to avoid the guilt. The problem was, everyone did what was in right in their own eyes... Reading: Judges 21, God bless. 

Friday, May 23, 2014

Judges 18

Because of lack of knowledge, the Danites were so determined to take the images, the gods and the priest of Micah up with them. How could they imagine those gods to protect them! It showed that they neither feared the Lord nor regarded His law, but were lost both godliness and righteousness. This was our condition before we receive Jesus. If the non-believers walked in the name of their false gods, much more should we love the serve the true God... Reading: Judges 18, God bless. 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Judges 17

Micah and his mother turned their money into a god and set up idol worship in their family.  This means that their money was their god. When a Levite came to their house, they thought it was a sign of God's favor to them. Because of lack of knowledge in God's word, every man did that which was right in his own eyes, but evil in the sight of the Lord. Ignorance of the Bible is ignorance of God, and will eventually lead men to a total corruption... Reading: Judges 17, God bless.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Judges 16

Samson had been brought into mischief and danger by the love of women for many times, yet he would not take warning. Licentiousness is one of the things that take God's words away from our hearts. But some believers were able to escape this sin, only with the loss of reputation, position, or ministry. Samson's name is included in the "Men of Faith" in Hebrews 11:32, and by God's grace and mercy, he had found salvation in the Lord... Judges 16, God bless. 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Judges 15

The Philistines wanted to kill Samson's wife and her father. To save herself from her countrymen, she betrayed Samson by marrying another man. Then Samson sought revenge, and the thing that she feared came upon her. She and her fathers house were burned by her countrymen, whom she thought would save her. Lesson: The mischief we seek to escape using any ungodly practices are those things that would fall upon our own heads... Reading: Judg. 15. God bless. 

Monday, May 19, 2014

Judges 14

The Bible tells that Samson's desire to marry a Philistine woman is against the will of his parents, but "is of the Lord," that God was only seeking an occasion to move against their enemies. This is a sample of an occasion that there are things that seem foolish to us but great in God's eye. But, when God is on our side, we should not abuse His favors for our own gain, but use them to edify the community and glorify His name... Reading: Judg. 14, God bless. 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Judges 12

The Ephraimites had the quarrel with Jephthah, the same thing that happened to Gideon when he delivered Israel from their enemies (compare 12:1 with 8:1). Pride was at the bottom of the quarrel, and when pride comes to family and community, then comes contention and destruction. What we need is to watch and pray against evil tempers. May the Lord incline all His people to follow after things which make for peace... Reading: Judg. 12, God bless. 

Judges 11

Our vow or promise to God is a serious matter. We must perform what we have solemnly vowed to Him, though it may be difficult and grievous to us. Human sacrifice was an ancient practice of the people, but abomination to the Lord. In this story, the Bible was silent how did Jephthah perform his vow. In our Christian living, the Holy Spirit is very important to us, because it is He who will guide and give us clear understanding in all our undertakings... Reading: Judg. 11, God bless. 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Judges 10

God is able to multiply men's miseries according to the numbers of their sins and idols. But there is hope when sinners cry out to the Lord for help, and lament their ungodliness. It is necessary that there be a full conviction for guilt, so that those things  that can not help us, such as wealth, pride, idols, etc. would not be in competition with God. When the Lord saw the true repentance from our hearts, His mercy can never be sought in vain... Reading: Judg. 10, God bless. 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Judges 9

After Gideon, Abimelech became king of Shechem. He killed his seventy brothers, and now seated in the throne his father refused, without consulting their God. But how long does this glory last? His life was full of intrigues and dirty tricks, and we know that the prosperity of the wicked is not eternal but short and fickle. Lesson: When God uses men as instruments in His hand to His work, be sure to know His reason why they are there... Reading: Judg. 9, God bless. 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Judges 8

The people Israel offered Gideon to rule them, but he refused their offer, because he knew that honor and glory belong to God alone. Then Gideon kept up the remembrance of his victory by an ephod, made of the best of the spoils. But this ephod became a snare to Gideon himself and his family. Spiritual lesson: our ministry could be a blessing or a trap if we are not careful. Our success could bring us to our own destructions if God will not be the center of all things... Reading: Judg. 8, God bless. 

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Judges 7

Out of 32,000 men, only 300 left to be deployed. The Lord knows the hearts of men, and He is aware  of our capability and faith to do His mission. Some are truly dedicated while others are unreliable, and He wants all activities should go with total dependence upon Him for help in our lawful undertakings. Therefore it is God who raise up workers in His kingdom. Those who are not fully committed to Him will never endure the hardship with joy of His service... Reading: Judg. 7, God bless. 

Friday, May 9, 2014

Judges 6

Gideon was visited by the Lord to deliver Israel against its enemies.  His family was the weakest clan among Israel, he had no qualities  to be the leader, except that he had found grace in God's sight. When we have been chosen by God, we must be willing to obey His commands; remove idols from our hearts, equip ourselves, believe that it is not our own might but by His spirit alone, be willing to stand up and do our assignment for God... Reading: Judg. 6, God bless. 

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Judges 5

Praises, adoration, and worship should be ascribed unto the Lord in time of victory. Our thanksgiving are most acceptable and pleasant when they flow from a full heart. By this, our service to Him would be more excited and deeply fixed in our lives. Whether Deborah, Barak, or the army had done, the Lord must have all the praises and glory, because our success were all from Him. In this chapter, Jael, a woman, had a special blessing, because she used her power that God gave her, and she did not lose her reward... Reading: Judg. 5, God bless.  

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Judges 4

The joint forces of Barak and Deborah to destroy Israel's enemies is a sample of unity, that when God's people are united, they can achieve greater for the Lord and for themselves. That's why those who had been called by God to their duty should be ready to assist others in time of need. In this case, Barak is more satisfied in the success of their mission, than the honor of himself. And as early as this, women were considered beneficial to the society of the Lord... Reading: Judg. 4, God bless. 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Judges 3

Soon after Israel's settlement in Canaan, the people's purity began to be corrupted, and their peace disrupted. Reason, neglect of the word of God. The parents ignored the meditation of the word of God in their homes, so that when the new generation came out, they were ignorant of the God of their forefathers. Their defense, both physical and spiritual, were weak so that when the enemies attacked, they can easily be defeated. It also shows that God Himself became their opponents. The only solution is to go back to the basic, with humility before God... Reading: Judg. 3, God bless. 

Monday, May 5, 2014

Judges 2

We believe that the Angel who spoke to the Israelites in this section was the pre-incarnate Christ, calling them to account for their disobedience. This chapter gave us a general idea of the story of Israel during this period. The people forsake God, serve other gods, the next generation do evil things, then God raise up leaders or judges. Christians should understand that if God is true to His promise of salvation, He is also true to His warning of damnation... Reading: Judg. 2, God bless.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Judges 1

The book of Judges is the history of Israel during the government of the Shofetim (Judges), after the death of Joshua, who were occasional deliverers, charismatic leaders raised up by God to rescue Israel from their oppressors, to reform the state of religion, and to administer justice to the people. It begins with the conquest in the south by the tribe of Judah, and the Lord was with them, yet it was an incomplete conquest of the land... Reading: Judg. 1 God bless. 

Joshua 24

The history from Abraham to Joshua to present is God's story, we are participants only, to fulfill His great plan in this world. And our work with God is not done till our life is done. The choice is ours - to cooperate or not, to obey or disobey, to serve God or gods. But Joshua says, "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." As Joshua made a covenant with his people, so as Jesus at the Calvary,  shedding His blood to forgive us and give us another chance to eternity... Reading: Josh. 24, God bless. 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Joshua 23

Joshua was old and told the great things God had done for them. He exhorted them to be courageous, do with diligence, and regard with sincerity what is written in the Law of Moses. Conflicts and trials may have been severe and long, but at the end he saw that goodness and mercy followed him all the days of his life. Joshua stated the fatal consequences of going back to their old ways. So let us trust in God and cleave to His words, for it  will lead us to eternity in life and forever... Reading: Josh. 23, God bless.