Thursday, April 30, 2015

Psalm 44

The psalmist wrote this psalm while in exile, when God scattered them among the nations (v18). In a far away land, he remembered the power and faithfulness of God to their forefathers in the days of old. With His outstretched arms, God destroyed their enemies and cast them out of the land. Then He established the Israelites to be His people, and God their King. But the Israelites were unfaithful, so God had to punish them and allow them to be defeated by the enemies, giving them up like sheep intended for food (v11). At such time, they realized that the very reasons for all these troubles are their sins and unfaithfulness to God, the worst enemies that they could ever had. Surely, God will show His love to the humble, but He is shrewd to the crooked (Prov. 18:26). In our affliction, we must not seek relief from any sinful way, but should continually mediate on the truth and knowledge of our heart-searching God... Reading: Psalm 44, God bless.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Psalm 43

David declares that he shall never be moved by his persecutors and enemies. He endeavors to silent his spirit, close his mouth, focus his attention, and believe in the promises of God. If it is hard to comfort our souls in time of distress because of so many worries, don't be upset but stay upon Him, and have spiritual meditation of His words. God leads those who are sincerely seeking the light and truth of His message. David's prayer is that the Lord send forth the truth of His word and the light of His Spirit, to guide him into the way of holiness, peace, and salvation. So, if trouble comes into your lives, command your souls not to be sad and cast down, but put your hope in Christ our Savior... Reading: Psalm 43, God bless.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Psalm 42

When tragedies come in our lives and our souls become cast down and sorrowful, the best way to forget those miseries is to remember the goodness of our God; count the blessings instead of troubles.  Always long for God's presence as the deer longs for the streams of water. The word of God is our strength, they are God's Spirit that builds up our spiritual muscles and vitality. In his moment of sadness, David encourages himself and remembers not only the past blessings from his God, but also the free access that he had in the house of God including the pleasure of attending there. He knew that the cure for his sorrow and worry is to dwell in the house of God. He regards that the Divine favor will overflow once he get there. So, never think that the Lord Jesus Christ has forgotten us, His promise to be with us is always true and eternal... Reading: Psalm 42, God bless.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Psalm 41

God's people are not free from sufferings, poverty or afflictions, but the Lord considers our situation and always ready to assist when we cry our to His name. From this experience, we can learn to consider the poor and the afflicted brethren in the church and community. This act of godliness shall never be neglected by God and is usually recompensed with blessings. In this psalm, David complained about the people around him, and this in not new because it also happens in our daily walk with God. The truth is, there are many times that we are not the victims, but the offenders, by breaking our words toward God and fellowmen. We eat of God's provision, yet lift up our voices and complained against our lives. Today, let us start to give heartfelt consideration to those praises which the people of God like us should render to our Savior Jesus Christ.... Reading: Psalm 41, God bless.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Psalm 40

It is not animal sacrifices and offerings that God really wants from His people. In other words, it is not our good works that pleases the Lord, but our faith and obedience to Christ that matters most. The psalmist said that burnt animals bring no special joy to the heart of the  Lord. What God requires from us is knowing His commandments and obey them. God sent the Holy Spirit and wrote His law in our hearts so that we can be connected with God through Christ. Here, the psalmist waited patiently and continued to believe in God, hoping and praying for total protection. Indeed, sins and  doubts will result to horrible pit and miry clay, and many of God's children had been plunged into this condition because of carelessness and disobedience. Let us strive to seek God's will as we serve Him in our ministries... Reading: Psalm 40, God bless.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Palm 39

It may be necessary to guard our mouth and keep silence always because tongue is a small part of the body, but it can damage an enormous thing, such as relationship, houses, community, etc. It is good that we have the Holy Spirit, for only God can control our tongue. When David says that he wants to know his end and the measure of his days (v4), he knows that in his greatest health and prosperity, he cannot live long, and anytime he may leave this world. Then he declares that he will put his trust in the Lord, and prays to save him from being overpowered by his own sins. When we are under the correcting Hand of the Lord, we must look up to God Himself for relief and comfort, for only God can fully satisfy our souls and instill our fear and anxiety which no one can fulfill in our lives... Reading: Psalm 39, God bless.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Psalm 38

Nothing will disturb the heart of a good person when he or she discerns God's anger because of his or her own sins (v3). Sins make our spiritual being sick and bring pains to our bones, dishonoring God in and by our bodies. But a sense of guilt is too heavy to bear, and would sink men into despair and ruin. Judas destroyed himself because of guilt, and many Christians stopped serving God because of guilt too. But if we want to keep our heart at peace with God, the solution is to focus on His loving  kindness.  Following Jesus is the only way to forsake sins, because He is our Great Physician who can heal our spiritual and physical sicknesses. If we are truly repentant for our sins, no big or small sins that can be forgiven and washed away through the blood of the Lord... Reading: Psalm 38, God bless.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Psalm 37

This psalm compares the wicked with the righteous. The workers of iniquity plot evil things against the righteous, drawn the sword to cast down the poor and needy, they are dishonest so that their arms shall be broken, they shall perish even their descendants, and their future shall be cut off like the grass. But the righteous shall be established forever, God will give the desires of their hearts, they don't envy the works of the sinners, they shall inherit the earth and shall live in peace, they shall witness the destruction of the wicked, their steps are ordered by the Lord, they may fall and stumble but God upholds and protect them, they shall not be forsaken by God even their children, their mouth speak wisdom, and they are marked by the Spirit of God. Then the psalmist concludes to wait upon the Lord, trust in Him and keep His way, for the salvation of the righteous is from the Lord... Reading: Psalm 37, God bless.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

How to be happy with Jesus

The Purpose of my life

Psalm 36

Sin is very hurtful to the sinner himself, and therefore ought to be hateful and avoided by the people of God. It is not surprising if those that deceive themselves, seek to deceive others too. This psalm tells that our hearts should be affected by sin and wickedness of this world, by keeping ourselves away from it. But we should not stop seeking satisfaction in God's loving-kindness, because He alone is the Source of all things. People may stop being patient and become unsympathetic with God, yet with Him we shall always find love and mercy through Jesus. We should ask God to preserve us from self-flattery, because unknowingly, evil may soon occupy our minds with sinful imaginations if we are careless. As the psalmist says, "Let not the foot of pride come against me, and let not the hand of the wicked drive me away" (v11)... Reading: Psalm 36, God bless.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Psalm 35

For the righteous people to have enemies is not a new thing. David in his afflictions appeal to God for help and vindication. He prayed to reveal Himself in time of trial, and judge the enemies for their wickedness. David shows how tenderly he had behaved towards those who hate him saying "when they were sick, I grieved for them. I denied myself by fasting for them" (v13). Like David, we ought to mourn for the sins of those who do not mourn for themselves and who are not aware for their own destructions. It is said that the people of God are to be simple and quiet, yet it was common for those who hate them to device deceitful matters against them. Our response should always be prayer: "My soul is in danger Lord, rescue it, do not be far from me." Let us put our trust in the Lord, because the roaring lion cannot do anything against the people of The Lamb of God... Reading: Psalm 35, God bless.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Psalm 34

Those who are happy and satisfied with their relationship with God will bless the Lord at all times. David expressed his joy by giving praises and adoration, and shared this gladness with his fellowmen saying, "taste and see that the Lord is good." When we look to the world, we see darkness and wants, but if we direct our eyes to the Lord with praises, it vanishes all fears and disappointments. David encourages us to try God’s commandments and follow His instructions wholeheartedly. When we start obeying God’s word, there is a power that God imparts to His children which enables us to be aware of His presence in personal level. This power is not a result of our own intellect and personal effort of knowing about God, but the working of God’s spirit in our lives. So, come and taste the goodness of our living God, Jesus Christ... Reading: Psalm 34, God bless.


Friday, April 17, 2015

Psalm 33

This prayer begins with joyful praises and admiration for the great things God has done in our lives and in this world. Thanksgiving is the language of God's people, and everything that we have should be employed in God's majestic service. Use our talents and skills for Him, use our possessions for mission, use our education to propagate His kingdom, and use our lives to glorify His name. The psalmist declares that God created the universe by His Word, and we know that this Word became human being and lived among His created being. What a pity is that, this earth is so empty of God's praises, and very few are living to His glory. A nation is so blessed if YHWH is their God, and JESUS is their Savior! All powers of the world depend upon Him, and all human devices for the salvation of their souls are useless and vain. The Lord's watchful eyes are over those who fear Him, and in time of difficult hour they shall be helped and protected... Reading: Psalm 33, God bless.

Encouraging Other People

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Psalm 32

People are miserable because they are sinful by nature, yet the believer's transgressions are all forgiven, being erased by the blood at the Cross. For that reason, David declares that we are blessed when God has forgiven us. By faith we have been justified from our guilt, and our goal now is the continuous sanctification in Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit. Those who are truly forgiven will not abuse God's free grace, but will strive to please God and follow His command. God teaches His people by His words, Jesus empowered His disciples by His words, the Holy Spirit guides the believers by the Word, with the secret and intimation of His will. Today's psalm gives us a caution that we may not compromise of faith, and the life of communion with Jesus is the most joyful and comfortable of all.... Reading: Psalm 32, God bless.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Seven Last word of Jesus (Part 2)

Seven Last Words of Jesus (Part 1)

Psalm 31

David was in trouble again, but he gave up his life in a special manner to God by saying: "Into Your hand I commit my spirit" (v5). David is more concern of his soul and spirit, than his material body, because the redemption of soul is so precious, and God looks upon our soul. David acknowledged that his afflictions were the results of his own sins. He knew that the way of a man is not in himself, nor in his friend's hands, nor in his enemies' hands, but in God's. So with this faith and confidence, he prayed that the Lord would save him for His mercies's sake, and not for any merit of his own. Yet,  instead of yielding to impatience, revenge and bitterness unto himself and his enemies, he preferred  to turn his thoughts to the goodness of the Lord. "O how great is Your goodness which you have laid up for those who fear you" (v19). With this message, let us do the same by focusing our souls unto the Lord, and do not allow unbelief, hatred, and negative thought discourage us from serving His Holy Name... Reading: Psalm 31, God bless.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Psalm 30

David cried out to the Lord, asked for help, made supplications, and begged for mercy. In the time when he needed His help most, the Lord answered and gave him healing, prosperity, great deliverances and victories. He knew that there are times that God seems silent but that is only for a moment, because God's favor is always available. Let us follow the way of David, that after having all those blessings and security, he continued to be faithful, declaring that he shall never be moved from serving the Lord either in good time and bad time. The great wealth he had acquired from his enemies should never be ascribe unto his own bravery but only a divine providence. In our success in life, we ought to sing praises unto the Lord always even in time of darkness, remembering His goodness with thanksgiving in our hearts by which we must be committed to depend upon Him... Reading: Psalm 30, God bless.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Psalm 29

The focus of David's devotion is the word of God. In thunder, lightning and storm, we can both see and hear not only the demonstration of God's power over His creation, but also the authority of His word. The effects of God's Word upon our lives under the power of the Holy Spirit are far greater than the power of nature, because God's Word is alive and powerful. The word of God is able to save our souls from hell, and protect even the most wicked man on earth, in which the nature cannot do. If we are worrying about the devastating effect of those typhoons and natural calamities, the more we should be afraid of God's word. Therefore, always fill our hearts with great awe and high honorable thoughts of God because the power of the Lord is within us... Reading : Psalm 29, God bless.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Psalm 28

God's people should not stop praying till they have received some indications that their prayer are heard by God. God can speak through scriptures, prayers, and sermons in our hearts though conviction. David prayed earnestly for strength and for salvation against his enemies. His fear is not the current situation, but to be away from God's protection. Those who are careful not to partake with the wickedness of the sinners have the reason to hope that they shall be kept from God's dreadful  judgment. When God answered our prayer, let us bless and declare His awesome power like David (v6). It is the Lord's strength, not ours, Who support and carry us on through all our successes and sufferings.  The heart that truly believes, shall in due time rejoice in the Lord, and we are to expect joy and peace in believing... Reading: Psalm 28, God bless.

Friday, April 10, 2015


Trusting God with the rest of your life

Psalm 27

In this world we shall have tribulation, and we are surrounded by crooked and dishonest people. Life is tough and the way of the world is a slippery path. That's why David declared that only God can strengthen him, his light and salvation when the darkness comes. He prays of constant communion with God, and his desire is to dwell in the Father's house day by day. In reality, as the believers serve the Lord in Bible Study, fellowship, prayer meeting, practice, etc, we are in the holy dwelling of God. Serving God with holiness and righteousness is serving Him in His presence because the presence of God is everywhere. Like David, let us seek God's favor, His continues presence with us, and the benefits of Divine guidance and protection. Let us consider the great things that God had done for us in the past, for He is a surer and better Person than anyone else in this world.... Reading: Psalm 27, God bless.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Psalm 26

This psalm is an appeal to God to touch and examine our own lives and our integrity. But only honest and sincere believers can do this to God. People are sinners, and we always justify are sins, but with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we are aware of the deceitfulness of our own heart. Our desire should be to detect and mortify every sin, to strive of being a true believer, and to practice the commands of Christ as the ultimate goal. Caring to avoid bad company, serving God with reliability and consistency, helping brothers in time of needs in truth and not show off are good means to keep us in integrity. The desire of the psalmist is to have his inmost soul searched and proved by the Lord saying, "As for me I will walk in my integrity." Glory to God... Reading: Psalm 26, God bless.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Psalm 25

If we sincerely desire to know our duty to God and brethren with the passion of doing it, God will show His way and direct us in it. Some Christians are successful in ministry while many are failure, because their passion is not the same as that of Jesus. The psalmist is earnest for the forgiveness of his sin, knowing that when the Lord forgives our sin, He will not remember it anymore. It is God's goodness, and not our merit, that must be our plea for the cleansing of our soul. We are all sinners, and Christ came to save and teach sinners to repent from old ways. All His promises and all His providences are truth, and His dealing with us is based on His mercy. Those who humble and desire to be taught by God will be guided to find rest for their souls. Lastly, this psalm tells that with total dependence upon God, it is good to hope and wait for complete protection in His name... Reading: Psalm 25, God bless.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Psalm 24

The earth belongs to God and everything in it, including our bodies, souls, ministries, properties, wisdom, strength, skills, children, etc. And if God will take all these things, nothing remains is us. If we consider our own nature, even our nothingness, and ask the question, What shall I do that I may abide in the holy presence of God? By the grace of God, we can find answers. God's eternal goal is to share His blessings with His creation. But He has rules if men want to be partakers of these blessings (v4).  We can only be cleansed from our uncleanness by the blood of Christ, and renewed unto holiness through regeneration by the Holy Spirit. And those that are made for eternity, such as elected people of God in all generations, shall be brought safe to heaven. For that reason, we can now lift up our heads to the King of glory, whose name is Jesus Christ, who opens the everlasting door of His kingdom to the redeemed. Blessed the name of the King... Reading: Psalm 24, God bless.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Psalm 23

This psalm is full of comforts, and expression of praises to the Lord being personified as Shepherd. David describes his experience how the Lord makes him lie down in green pastures, leads him in still waters, rescues him in the shadow of death, protects him in time of war, and anoints and empowers him even in the presence of his enemies. David declares that his Shepherd is holy because He never leads him in the place of wickedness but only in the path of righteousness. It tells that God wants His people to be different but significant in this world, because God wants His name not to be profaned and dragged in scandal. Surely and without doubt, the mercies of the Lord shall follow His people wherever they go, and the Lord’s integrity and compassion shall pursue them at all times. Truly, God's unfailing love to His sheep is immeasurable. So David resolved to dwell in God’s eternal presence forever and ever... Reading: Psalm 23, God bless.

Psalm 22

There are times in our lives that God seems so far from us, feeling of being forsaken (v1). We don't hear anything from Him, all the advices of friends and leaders are not working, and everything looks dry and lifeless. The psalmist declared that he will continue to trust in the Lord, even though He was silent and did not answer his prayers. Though he was surrounded by the enemies ready to devour him (v12), his confidence in God will not be changed. God is faithful to His forefathers, and His promises are truth and reliable. That's why he will not stop worshipping His name and declare His goodness to all men. God knows what is best for His special people... Reading: Psalm 22, God bless.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Psalm 21

When we put our confidence in the Lord, the unfailing love of God will keep us from falling. The blessings that we got are blessing of goodness (v3),  not to any merit of ours, but only because of God's favor. These blessings include  salvation, length of days, joy, peace, wisdom, prosperity, and favor from all men. This psalm teaches us to look forward with faith, hope, and prayer upon what the Lord would do in our lives in the days to come. God will cause us to succeed in our goal, to prosper in our intent, to be honored by God and men, and even defeat our enemies (v8-12). It is great to know that we are secured in the mighty Hand of God, and it is even more wonderful to worship the Lord  upon His throne as we exalt Him with singing and praises. May the name of Jesus be exalted for ever and ever... Reading: Psalm 1, God bless.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Psalm 20

This is a prayer for the king of Israel, but can also be applied to each believer. Here shows that even the greatest men and women of God must be engaged in prayer and spiritual warfare. We need to pray first for our personal strength so that we can strengthen others, with humility and confidence that God will listen and answer our prayers. Our  first step to victory is to trust only the mercy and favor from the Lord. All who trust in themselves, in their ability, strategies, financial status, feeling and emotions will soon be cast down (v7-8). And those who made God as their strength have distinguished themselves from those who live without God and prayerful lifestyle in this world. Let us rejoice in Christ's salvation, and set up His banner on high, that the people may believe that He is the Lord of all nations... Reading: Psalm 20, God bless.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Psalm 19

The psalmist' prayer is that his words and meditation may be acceptable in the sight of God (v14). He begins his prayer by declaring God's glory and the greatness of His creation. Then he describes the perfection of God's law, and its ability to change our ways and empower our lives. God's Word is of much greater benefits to us than other things, even better than the air that we breathe or the light of the sun, and more to be desired than gold and money. It is able to enlightens our eyes, gives wisdom to the unlearned and simple people, and recover us out of our sinful state. Nevertheless, God's Word warns the wicked to stop in his wicked way, and warns the righteous not to turn from his good way. There is a reward for those who keep God's law, but discipline and punishment for those who neglect it. Our prayer today is that, may our hearts be much affected with the excellence of the word of God, and  our offerings be acceptable to God through our Lord Jesus Christ... Reading: Psalm 19, God bless.