Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Psalm 96

This is a call to all people to praise and worship the Lord. The psalmist tells us to proclaim the good news of salvation and declare God's glory among the people including our friends, relatives, unbelieving family members, and others. He understood that only Yahweh is the true God, and He is above all gods, second to none. Therefore, let us worship Him in the beauty of holiness, bring an offering at the sanctuary, fulfill our assignments and promises, and tremble before Him in the  spirit of obedience. Soon and very soon, the Savior will come to reign and judge the whole earth, to execute vengeance on His enemies and persecutors (v12). The people who rejected Him will be frightened by His glorious presence, while the redeemed will rejoice to receive honor from the Lord. Glory be to the Lord... Reading: Psalm 96, God bless.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Psalm 95

Singing, dancing, shouting with thanksgiving, and proclaiming His goodness are some ways of expressing our worship to God. These are unknown to us till we encounter the One who would be our Lord, Savior and Teacher, Jesus Christ. He sends the Holy Spirit to us so that we may know the ways and will of the Father. Indeed, blessed is a man who can understand and obey. Today, Christ is calling upon His people to hear His voice. Today is a day of opportunity, a day that will not last, a day that will bring us to eternity if we are to hear and obey His voice continuously. Hardness of heart is at the bottom of all distrust of His words, the sins that can't be forgiven if they will continue till their last breath. The murmuring of Israel at the wilderness is similar to stubbornness of people in our time. They need to be admonished, hear the gospel, so that they too may be saved and find rest like us... Reading: Psalm 95, God bless.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Psalm 94

This psalm is a prayer against the children of violence and terrorism. They utter evil words, they afflict God's heritage, they abuse widows, fatherless and strangers, and they claim that God does not see it nor understand. In our time, these terrorists and evil men, like the politicians and religious people claim that their actions are sanctioned by their religion and God, as if God would not punish the abuse they are doing. But, our God who is omnipotent and omniscient knows the hearts and thoughts of all men, and nothing can be hidden (v11). The psalmist found help and relief only in the Lord. He declares that when all situations seem failure and hopeless, there is God who can  hold us up in the midst of troubled and slippery world (v17). God will always be our defense and comfort that brings peace and pleasure that no one in this world can give... Reading: Psalm 94, God bless.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Psalm 93

When men think of God's dealing with humanity, they always think of power, judgment, dreadful, awful and faraway from His creation, but they neglect His love, mercy, forgiveness, holiness, presence and grace. That's why God sent His Son, and it is only through Jesus Christ and His eternal Words that we learned the real attributes of God. God is not far from us, He is here with us, (Hebrew: im anu El) reigning not only in this universe, but also in our hearts. He is sitting at His throne and He is in control. Though floods, waves and mighty waters may come that symbolize distresses in this world, God will never leave those people who are at His house. God's church is his house, a holy house, cleansed and purified from impurities, and employed in His service. Let us pray that this house is set up in our hearts... Reading:Psalm 93, God bless.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Psalm 92

It is our privilege to praise the Lord and declare His lovingkindness day by day, not only in private but also in public. Let us give thanks every morning for the protection of the night, and every night for the mercies of the whole day. Let us praise His name for all the provisions He has given us like job, money, shelter, food, family, Christian community, church leaders and workers, strength, and of course the faithful Savior. Since many are not enlightened about these things, nor care to know them, we have more reasons to be thankful to our Father (v6). Truly, it is from the grace of the Lord, as we study His words, that we receive all the virtue that keep us stronger in faith and flourish in the courts and God's kingdom. Our lasts days in this earth should be the best days (v14), and our last assignments should be the best works in Christ.... Reading: Psalm 92, God bless.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Psalm 91

It is clear from this passage that relationship with God is a secret and personal matter. God's dwelling place is known only to some, and it is the psalmist's motivation to bring us up there. God's dwelling place is located in the kingdom of God, and in this kingdom we shall find God's dwelling place. While we are in that secret place, we are protected by His power, we are safe from the temptations and attacks of the evil, wisdom shall keep us from being afraid even at night, and His angels shall be charged over us. We shall see not only God's promises but also its fulfillment. Though trouble and affliction befall, it shall come not to hurt us, but to change us for good. Since we know the Father  through Christ our Lord, let us set our love upon Him, and by prayer let us constantly call upon His name. Eternal salvation in Christ Jesus is our main goal till the end of our lives... Reading: Psalm 91, God bless.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Psalm 90

The key word is eternity. God is eternal, human being is short-lived. Thousand years are nothing to God, so that between a minute and a million of years is just the same to Him. The accounts of Adam to Christ, up to present is only a brief story to Him, but for us, it is a long and complex narrative that is hard to comprehend. The psalmist tells that when by sickness or afflictions fall upon men, or God allows destructions to men, He thereby calls them to return unto Him to repent of their sins, and live a new life. This new life is obtainable through Christ, and is the gateway so that they can access God's provision of eternity. Since it is true that our days are temporary in this world, therefore let us start counting our remaining days and cleanse our ways, so that when that 'day and hour' comes, we can stand in His presence without fear but full of gladness... Reading: Psalm 90, God bless.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Psalm 89

We have seen many promises in the Bible that seem unreachable and very disappointing, yet God's promises are already established in heaven, and these promises and blessings are accessible only to the faithful. They are out of the reach of the doubters and opponents of God. God makes a promise that David's throne shall be established to all generations (v3-4), yet we can see God speaks about His abandonment on His promises (v38-45). Historically, the nations of Israel was scattered by God to the nations because of their sins. The Israelites were plundered and their enemies rejoice at their destruction, yet God will not finally cast them off. However, this chapters is also a Messianic Psalm. At the cross, Jesus fulfilled it when the Father neglected Him for our sake. He carried our sorrows, and was bruised for our iniquities. The covenant was broken so that we can enter in into this covenant through Christ by faith... Reading: Palm 89, God bless.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Psalm 88

This psalm is a prayer of lamentation as the psalmist mentioned most of God's displeasures (v7), and may be describing his current situation. "My soul is full of troubles, and my life draws near to the grave" (v3). However, the beginning verse gave him assurance that though men and women may be afflicted, God will always be the author of salvation (v1). As he continues, he resolves to persevere in prayer because in most cases, God did not answer our prayer immediately, nor deliverance comes speedily. The greater our troubles, the more earnest we should be in prayer, and we must not give up over praying and worshipping our Lord. Jesus' whole life was full of labors and sorrows, afflicted for our sins, but never give up and was ready for that Cross... Reading: Psalm 88, God bless you today.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Psalm 87

The key word is Zion. The psalmist speaks about the glory of the city built by David, said to be the city of God, Zion. This city is more glorious than all the cities in the land of Israel. The names of those who embrace and love this city from its neighboring nations will be written in the book of registry. This is a symbol of the eternal city of Christ, the city whose foundation is not made by the hands of men, but of God. The Church of Jesus Christ is our vehicle to reach that city. This Church is more glorious and excellent than any other organizations of the nations of the earth. On that city, our names are written in the book of life, including all church assemblies created by Christ (Heb. 12:23). Therefore, let all those that dwell in 'Zion' mark this and live up to this profession. All grace and consolation are derived from Jesus Christ, who is the author and finisher of all things... Reading: Psalm 87, God bless.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Psalm 86

The key word is mercy. The psalmist proclaims that the Lord is abundant in mercy to all those who call upon Him (v5), and to His needy servants like us (v13, 15, 16). It is a great encouragement as we pray, to believe that we have received the grace of God, have learned to trust in Him, and be considered as one of His children. Troubles always come, but we must expect answer and comfort from God when we keep our fellowship with Him (v7). To consider the experience of this psalmist and other believers, we must not remove our sight to Him, but commit our case upon His promises that we shall not seek the Lord in vain. God gives strength in time of unrest, help in time of need, comfort in time of discomfort, and faith in time of doubt. Truly there is no other gods like our God, who is able to do even impossible works... Reading: Psalm 86, God bless.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Psalm 85

Seventy years after the Babylonian captivity, many Israelites had returned to their homeland and started a new life. The psalmist claimed that God has forgiven their sins, shown mercies, and being reconciled to the God of their forefathers. When God forgives our sins, He removes them all through the blood of the Lamb. After forgiveness, God's next action is salvation, because when we come to Him with humble prayer and fear (v9), He will cause us to rejoice in His presence saved and redeemed. Inner peace happens only to those who turn away from wickedness because righteousness and peace go together. Through Christ, the forgiven Christian becomes fruitful in good works, and by looking at Him we may find assurance of sure guide to eternity... Reading: Psalm 85, God bless you today.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Psalm 84

This Psalm speaks about God's tabernacle, God's court, and God's house that symbolize not only the presence of God but also the comfort and covering toward His people. To the psalmist, absence from God's presence causes him to feel regretful, because he finds rest in them as the nest to the sparrows (v3). He tells that God's presence is the only true happiness and blessing that can be found in this world (v4). We are truly blessed when serving God in the strength of the grace of Jesus Christ, the Anointed One, from whom all our sufficiency is. We may have weepings and trials on our stay in this world as we walk to our spiritual pilgrimage, but in the end we shall find the fulness and perfection in the heavenly. Let us consider the thousand days of hardship in this world to be nothing, in exchange of everlasting life, an unending moment in the presence of the Lord... Reading: Psalm 84, God bless your today.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Psalm 83

The very intent of the enemies is total annihilation of God's people. In the Bible, it shows that they wanted the destruction of Israel as a nation. In the history, the corruption of the church is Satan's strategy to eliminate the holy church's influence in the society. The psalmist declares: "Your enemies make a tumult" (v2). This is parallel to New Testament narrative when Jesus asked Saul saying, "Why do you persecute Me?" These accounts show that all who oppose the kingdom of Christ are not only opponents of the believers, but they are God's enemies. The psalmist wrote the history of his nation (v5-12), knowing that by reminiscing the past victories will be a great help to enhance our faith. However, the psalmist prayed for their salvation too, "that they may seek your name O Lord!" (v16). Indeed this is also the heart of God. This saying may be hard to understand, but these spiritually blind people are created by God out of love with a purpose... Reading: Psalm 83, God bless you today.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Psalm 82

God allows evil to exist in this world, even in our lives with a purpose. In His sovereign power, He authorizes good leaders and princes under Divine direction, and bad ones under Divine restraint. This psalm declares that putting our trust in any thing of this world like material things, prestige, popularity and other worldly things is dangerous, because, "all the foundations of the earth are unstable" (v5). There is only one sure foundation that we can really trust in this world, the Church of Jesus Christ, because He said, "upon this Rock I will build My church." Trials and testings may come and go. Some may fall others may stand still. And those who trust in the Lord Jesus is like unshakeable kingdom of God that will stand forever... Reading: Psalm 82, God bless.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Psalm 81

To praise the name of Yahweh and exalt the God of Jacob over all the earth is an obligation the Israelites should not be forgotten. "For this is the statue for Israel, a law of the God of Jacob" (v4). They should always remember their experience of slavery and the redemption out of Egypt. What God had done on behalf of the Israelites should be kept and demonstrated by public solemnities. As God's people redeemed by the blood, we ought to do the same, or more, not to forget our past to which Satan - our oppressor, brought against us. This Psalm tells that it is the sin of men that make their troubles long, and their unwillingness to change that their deliverance slow (v11). The Lord is unwilling that any should perish, however, He requires repentance and obedience to His commandments... Reading: Psalm 81, God bless you today.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Psalm 80

The key phrase is "cause Your face to shine.' When God is displeased with His people, expect to see them in tears, and the victory of their enemies. We can neither assume the comfort of His love nor the protection of His power, unless He causes His face to shine upon us (v7, 19), to give grace and favor. What makes God sad or angry? When we desire to be independent from Him and from the Vine-Jesus Christ; when we want to do it alone without consulting Him and His Church, then God is displeased and hid His face. The kingdoms of Israel and Judah were destroyed, and the people removed from His land and scattered amongst the nations because of the total 'darkness' in the land. God did not cause His face to shine upon them. As we serve Jesus and His kingdom, it is well with us if we are under God's light and smiles, exhibiting our Christian virtue with one another... Reading: Psalm 80, May the Lord make His face to shine upon you today and everyday.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Psalm 79

The key word is 'reproach.' Israel became a reproach to her neighbors (v4, 12), a laughingstock   because of their unfaithfulness to the Lord. It happened during the captivity on 586 BC when the Babylonian came and destroy the holy city (v3). Yahweh had removed His protection so that the Jerusalemites cannot depend themselves from the invading armies. Nevertheless, the psalmist continued to appeal for God's mercy. He knew that they had sinned against Yahweh, yet they desired mercy, and that God would be reconciled. He cried out for salvation for His name's sake (9). When trials and pains come in our lives, it is an honorable thing to cry out to God and plead no merit but help for His glory. We Christians should not forget the we are open for attack from the enemies, so that we should be at all times pray in the mighty name of Jesus... Reading: palm 79, God bless today.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Psalm 78

The key word is 'provoke.' Out of twelve tribes, only one remains - Judah. The psalmist remembers God's faithfulness and warns his people to not provoke God to anger and jealousy (v40, 56, 58). The Israelites had forgotten that they were redeemed by God from their bondage, saved from the enemies, provided their needs, and helped to establish as a nation. However, "They did not remember His power, the day when He redeemed them from their enemy" (v42). As the psalmist recollects God's faithfulness and man's unfaithfulness in the past, let us also remind ourselves that the Lord was, is and will always be faithful to us. Look back, look all around now, and look up, God is faithful ever since we were born! God's desire is to have a people for Himself like us, to go forth like a sheep, guided them in the wilderness with all care and tenderness. But those who are unwilling like the unfaithful Israelites will be scattered. So let us continue to move on and be blessed with the power of the Holy Spirit till the return of the Great King... Reading: Psalm 78, be blessed today.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Psalm 77

The key words are 'old days.' In the days of his troubles and in a moment when God seems to have withdrawn from him, the psalmist sought God by remembering the old days (v5, 11). He remembers the ancient time when God redeemed the people of Abraham and the sons of Jacob from great deliverance with demonstration of power. In our lives, they were the old days when God had saved us and bestowed His mercy and favor upon us. They were the days of wonders and miracles, healing and restoration while we were sinking slowly into the mire of wickedness away from the true God. The remembrance of the works of God will be our powerful remedy and testimony against distrust of His promises and goodness. Always remember that God is on the throne, He changes not and His ways are like the deep waters which cannot be fathomed. But thanks be to God for sending His only Son Jesus Christ who revealed all unimaginable things and wisdom unto us... Reading: Psalm 77, Be blessed today!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Psalm 76

The key word is know. 'Know' in Hebrew is yada which means to act, perform and accomplish. It is not only in the mind but also in hand. It is interesting that the word hand in Hebrew is 'yad' while know is 'yada' and they are associated. It tells that if we know the command in mind and by hand, it means we are happy, because happy people are those who have filled their body, soul, and spirit with the knowledge of God. "In Judah God is known; His name is great in Israel" (v.1). On the other hand, people with empty knowledge of God are confused, disoriented, and unhappy. Why? Because only God can fill and satisfy our desires and happiness. Since we claim that we 'know' Him, God is to be feared and revered because He is our Creator (v7). And as we serve Him, commit yourself to Him, make vows, and think of any thing that you can still do for Him, and perform them.... Psalm 76, Open your hand and receive God's blessings today.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Psalm 75

The key word is cup. The cup in the hand of the Lord is a symbol of judgment (v8). He will judge the boastful, the wicked, the sinners, and the nonbelievers. No one can scape the wrath of God when He judges. All powers, authorities and dominions will be dissolved when He pours out His anger. His majestic power comes neither from the east, nor from the west, nor from the south, but from the highest secret place where the counsel of God comes from. Nevertheless, this 'cup' is a mixtures of grace and mercy. Jesus said that this 'cup of the new covenant has been poured out for you' (Luke 22:20), for the forgiveness of our sins. God's mercy has appeared to all men through Christ, so that those who are willing to receive it may be forgiven. The exaltation of Jesus Christ will be the subject of all believer's everlasting praises... Reading: Psalm 75, receive God's blessing today.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Psalm 74

This psalm appears to describe the destruction of the temple by the Babylonians during the captivity of the southern kingdom. The Israelites had been prospered by Yahweh, but they had been unfaithful and disobedient to His law. To stop their wickedness, the Lord allowed them to be destroyed by the enemies, and the magnificent temple ransacked (v3, 7). Therefore, the psalmist appealed to God's mercy and salvation, reminding God of His great love to his forefathers and the wonders He had done in the past (v12ff). Also, he declared how the enemies of Israel blasphemed the holy name of God. So he begs that God would remember the covenant, that He will bless the His people forever. Our prayer is that God will will enlighten the dark nations of the earth, rescue His people from captivity of sin, that they may praise and glorify the name of Jesus... Reading: Psalm 74, God bless you today!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Psalm 73

The psalmist shows that the temptation to envy the prosperity of the wicked is so strong. They live without the fear of God yet they prosper, while many godly people live with great sufferings. From his observation, a strong desire arose to cast off his faith and abandon his service with God. But when he went to the sanctuary to pray and speak to God, the Holy Spirit revealed in his heart the end and horrible destiny of the wicked (v16-17). Then his soul was grieved, and admitted that he was such a foolish guy like a beast to envy the wicked man's enjoyment that will only end to his own destruction. To the psalmist, knowing this truth is a great victory! The righteous man's afflictions will end in peace and eternity with God, but the luxury of the wicked is short and uncertain. Through this temptation, the psalmist had learned that nothing can satisfy his desire but God. God is the strength on our hearts! For that reason, Jesus is inviting us to come to Him that we may be empowered... Reading: Psalm 73, God bless you today!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Psalm 72

This psalm is a prayer of David to his son Solomon, that God would give him wisdom and grace to know and to do his duties as king over God's people. But this is also a prophecy of the glory of the reign of Christ and His kingdom into the earth, fulfilled thousand years later. David prophesied that "In His days righteous shall flourish" (v7). In Solomon's time, the nation had flourished in material things but not in righteousness. But when Christ set up His kingdom through the Church, His dominion thrives from sea to sea, and from the River to the ends of the earth (v8). The law of Christ was written in the hearts of His followers so that they become honest and righteous before God. All nations shall serve Him and shall call Him blessed (v11, 17). Being part of this prophecy, let us submit to Christ's authority and partake of His peace, spending our days praying for the spread of his gospel... Reading: Psalm 72, God bless.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Psalm 71

The key word is trust, and the psalmist prefers to put it to his God for so many reasons. God was his Helper from the day of his birth, till he became youth, and in his old age. God had delivered him from his enemies with righteousness. He declares that his good life became a wonder to many, a good testimony that will give glory to God (v7). He encourages us to follow his way, that if we will only put our trust in God, we too shall experience great wonders in life. Our God is faithful and He will not cast us off in old age, nor forsake us when our strength fails. The promise of Jesus that He will be with us wherever we go will always be faithful and trustworthy. Till the end of the age, He will never leave us nor forsake us, and for that it is only proper to give our full praises and worship to the King who sustain our faith till today... Reading: Psalm 71, God bless.