Saturday, December 26, 2015

Isaiah 44

All believers are called by God, cleansed by water, the emblem of the Holy Spirit. It is a gift of God, so that when He gave the Holy Spirit, He will give all other blessings to us. "I will pour My Spirit on your descendants and My blessing on your offspring" (v3). God is very much willing to support His people, that's why He told them: "You are My witnesses. Is there a God beside Me?" It means that God wants His people to put their confidence in Him because He is the First and the Last, there is no God besides Him. Unlike the graven images, those that worship them are like them; having eyes but can't see, having ears but can't hear, having feet and hand but can't move. But our God is in heaven Who knows all things, even our inner most being. In such a time as this, let us be aware that we will be with God literally in the future. Many had done their assignment faithfully and successfully, and they are now with their Creator. I pray that we will be able to finish the race, and do the right things that God wanted us to do until eternity. .. Reading: Isaiah 44, God bless.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Isaiah 43

The Savior was born today, Who is our Creator, Redeemer, Protector, Holy One and Mighty. As God's special people, we are precious in the sight of the Lord, above any people. Though we went as through fire and water, we don't have to be afraid, because we shall not be burned nor consumed.
God is our deliverer who knows the power of His grace, and the sweetness of His comforts for the sake of His people. "I, even I, am the Lord, and besides Me there is no savior" (v11). However, those who neglect to call upon Him are weary, tired, and will always be spiritually drained. As fallen human being, we have no reason to expect forgiveness, except we seek it by faith in Chris who came to save His people from their sin. As we celebrate Christmas, let us put Jesus in remembrance to our hearts, the only way which is the sure way to heaven... Reading: Isaiah 43, God bless.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Isaiah 42

This prophecy was fulfilled in Christ. The Holy Spirit rested upon Him, and without measure. His kingdom is spiritual, though without earthly honors. By a long course of wonders and miracles, including His resurrection, He showed the truth of His church. The work of redemption brings back man to the obedience he owes to God. Jesus is the light of the world, and by God's grace He opens men's understandings and sets them from the bondage of sin. Then, He makes new promises, His second coming, which shall  be fulfilled as the old ones were. To those who by nature were blind, God will show the way to life and happiness by Jesus Christ. They are weak in knowledge, but He will make darkness light. Therefore, let us give to God those things which are His, taking heed that we do not serve the creature more than the Creator... Reading: Isaiah 42, God bless and Merry Christmas.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Isaiah 41

God spoke with tenderness to His people, encouraging them not to be carried away from the false belief and evil worship. "Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I will strengthen you" (v.10). God wanted to tell His people and clarify that they have been chosen and have not cast away. Like Abraham who was a friend of God, the highest title ever given to a mortal being, we too can be friend of God. Jesus once said to His disciples that they were no longer servants but friends, and so our relationship with Jesus would be more intimate and personal. We are happy if we walk with Jesus in faith and holy obedience, not of fear and wavering. Be thankful to God always that He opened our eyes to know the gospel, a mystery that is hidden from ages and generations... Reading: Isaiah 41

Isaiah 40

The prophet cries and asks the people to prepare the way of the Lord. Believe in His word, because everything in this world will pass away but not the Word of God, it shall stand forever (v8). Our God is mighty and incomparable to any other being. The most powerful kings and nations are only small things, a drop in a bucket to compare with Him. He has no adviser nor teacher that will teach Him the right wisdom, because He is the Teacher and the Source of all wisdom. He cannot be liken to any graven images made by hands because the whole world was created by Him. And if you believe and wait upon the Lord, your strength will be renewed, your faith will grow, and as you walk and do the works of God, you shall not be weary because God is our strength. Glory to God in the highest.... Reading: Isaiah 40, God bless.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Isaiah 39

The Babylonians visited the newly recovered Hezekiah, and with joy and excitement, the king showed them all his treasures and armors, and other proofs of his wealth and power. But at the end the Lord was displeased for his action, saying that all shall be carried to Babylon and nothing shall be left (v6) Why? We were not given an exact reason, but we can assume that his problem is pride. Instead to praising God for his healing, or glorifying God for his accumulated wealth, or ascribing his power and everything to God, he forgot to praise and adore Yahweh, Who is the Source of all and reigning over all the earth. Don't focus too much on materialism, but focus on evangelism. In our lives, let us be thankful always to God, for what He has done, for all He is doing, and the things He will still do in us. Glory to God in the highest... Reading: Isaiah 39, God bless.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Isaiah 38

King Hezekiah got sick and recovered, God gave him new life, fifteen more years to stay on earth.  This life is no longer his life, but new life that comes from the Lord. This life is heavenly not earthly, exclusive for the purpose of God. Similar to our experience, we are dead already, but Jesus gave us new life when He became our Lord and Savior. We are new creation, brand new person, new spirit inside of us. The life that we have now is His life from heaven, with eternal purpose in this age and the age to come. So let us use this opportunity and maximize to use this new life for the expansion of His plan and purpose in this world.... Reading: Isaiah 38, Gdo bles.s

Friday, December 18, 2015

Isaiah 37

Hezekiah found deep troubles on what he heard when the Assyrian dishonored and blasphemed his God. His initial reaction was to pray and seek God's advice through prophet Isaiah. Indeed, this is the never-failing resource of a godly man, whether struggling with inward difficulties or outward enemies. In our lives, the best weapon that we have is the Spirit of God, who is within us. There is a miracle when we believe, for nothing is impossible with our God. Let us not use our rational knowledge and intellect, but use faith so that God can perform His power in our lives. As expected, God himself undertakes to defend the city, that 185,000 enemies died in one day alone. May our hearts be as good ground, that His Word may strike root inside of us, and bring forth fruit in our lives... Reading: Isaiah 37, God bless.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Isaiah 36

Rabshakehof Assyria came to Judah and had tried to convince the Israelites, that it was to no purpose  to stand for Hezekiah. He told them not to listen to their king, because Yahweh, the God of their king is powerless to deliver them from their adversary. This speech was a great deal of pride, malice, falsehood and blasphemy. This is similar to false Christians (the Bible call them anti-Christ) who will come to the church and speak evil things against the pastors and leaders of the church. Their goal is to fulfill the plan of Satan against God's people to destroy and scatter them. But Hezekiah held his silence, and it made Rabshakeh to be more proud and secure in his own understanding. The best thing to do with such evil person is to leave them, ignore their evil words, and submit totally to the perfect will of God. Jesus has promised that He will be with us always until the end of the age... Reading: Isaiah 36, God bless.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Isaiah 35

When a person was converted to Christian faith, great things happened in his/her life. And when the Holy Spirit came upon us when we heard the gospel and believe, the fountain of new life opened. The dead soul became alive, spiritual water exploded in our dry lifestyle. The conversion made the soul to rejoice with great joy and singing, while the feeble and faint-hearthed is encouraged. The newly converted soul began to walk in the highway of holiness where there is no wicked lions, ravenous beasts and immoral dogs, but a narrow way full of joyful people redeemed by the Son of the Living God. This way is the way of God's commandment, the good old way, the way to heaven so we can meet our Creator. Let us then go forward cheerfully, assured that the end of this way shall be everlasting joy, and complete rest for the soul... Reading: Isaiah 35, God bless.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Isaiah 34

All nations must be concerned because the indignation of the Lord is against all nations, its leaders and citizens. As the people receive all the blessings and benefits of His providence, so all must expect to experience God's resentment in the right time, on "the day of the Lord's vengeance" (v8). The bloodshed suggests tremendous idea of divine judgments, denoting the nations that are at war against God's plan in this world. "The sword of the Lord is filled with blood" (v5). Those who aim to destroy the church can never do that, instead they themselves shall be ruined. Let us compare all we discover in the book of the Lord, we can see that the wordings are reliable and accurate even from the ancient time; reward to the obedience, but revenge to the disobedience. It means that what the mouth of the Lord has commanded, his Spirit will perform it. Be aware of it... Reading: Isaiah 34, God bless.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Isaiah 33

Those who humbly wait for God's gracious presence shall be rewarded. They shall find protection and salvation while their enemies shall be scattered. When we start exalting God's name in our lives, true wisdom and knowledge shall lead us to strength which renders us steadfastly in the ways of the Lord. Only the true devotion to God is the act that can never be taken and removed from our lives. But those who rebel against the commands of the word cannot take its comfort in time of needs. That's why the true believer watches against all occasions of sin. The power of God will keep them safe, and their faith in God will keep it easy. Every blessing of salvation is freely bestowed to all that ask from God with humility and prayer. By faith we take Jesus as our King and Savior, who look upon Zion and His redeemed people to reign in our lives forever. May God grant us His favor always and forever... Reading: Isaiah 33, God bless.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Isaiah 32

Isaiah prophesied that there will be a king who will reign in righteousness, and his princess will rule with justice (v1). It is obvious that it had been fulfilled by King Jesus and His true disciples, and this righteousness is being duplicated by the true Christians in all generations. As they lead, the eyes of men shall see, the ears shall hear, and they shall understand the things about God, and generosity shall see in His reign. Women shall be part of His reign and they shall receive the Spirit of God, so that the barren desert of God's kingdom shall become a fruitful field. It shall be a blessed time for all followers of this King, because peace and quietness shall be found in their lives, works, and homes. The good seed of the word of God is sown in all places by the faithful servants of the King, and God will cause them to increase and bear fruits... Reading: Isaiah 31, God bless.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Isaiah 31

In the time when Israel was in trouble, they go down to Egypt for help instead of God. They look for the power of the Egyptians, their armies and the multitudes of horses. But God was displeased, because they sought help from the workers of iniquity. In our case, if we are in trouble it is better to seek help from the Lord, and pray with fellow Christians, than to consult men who were nonbelievers and workers of iniquity. God promises that He will come down to fight for Mount Zion, for His people like us (v4). So God asked them to return to Him, and their backsliding shall be healed. Though they have sunk deep into misery and idolatry, God is in their midst and ready to help. Let us not be swayed by our situation, God is able to keep up the fire of holy love and devotion in our hearts and homes, that we may depend upon Him to protect us through Christ our Lord... Reading: Isaiah 31, God bless.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Isaiah 30

Trust God not Egypt, says the Lord. Men's present condition has always been prone to lean in their own understanding, but this will end in their shame and misery (v3). God is our strength by sitting in humble dependence on Him, with His goodness and quiet submission to His will. But people do not like to hear His commandments, but think themselves wiser than God. If men will not repent, turn to God, and seek happiness in His favor, they will be in big trouble (v13). But if we trust in the Lord, "He will be very gracious to you at the sound of your cry" (v19). God promises that He will set right direction when we doubt and prevents from going wrong.  He will heal us from idolatry, and we shall hate sin. The effect of this should be comfort and joy to God's people. Light, that is, knowledge, shall increase (v26). This is the light which the gospel of Jesus Christ brought into the world, which proclaims healing to the broken-hearted... Reading: Isaiah 30, God bless.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Isaiah 29

Ariel literally means Lion of God (Ari El), signifying the city of David, Jerusalem. But let the people who dwell in this city know that God hates outward religious services. Hypocrisy can never please God, nor make their peace with Him. The Bible is a sealed book to all (v11), learned and unlearned, and the spirit of deep sleep shall cover their eyes and mind closed to spiritual things. It will only be unsealed when a person begins to study it with a simple heart and teachable spirit, that they may then learn the truth and the will of God. Those who make religion no more than a pretense but a real search for the truth shall find God, otherwise it will forever a dead religion to them. When Christ came to this earth, He redeemed the people of Abraham out of their troubles and difficulties. It became a great comfort to all who believe because we saw the light not dark, we perceived the true knowledge about God not idols, we were able to walk in the path of holiness not wickedness (v17-21). Glory to the name of Jesus, the Savior from the tribe of the Lion of Judah... Reading: Isaiah 29, God bless.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Isaiah 28

Samaria and Jerusalem shall be desolated because of sins. The nations were being led by drunkards, including the priests and prophets. Their tables are full of vomit and filth, and they are surrounded by uncleanness. The leaders and advisers can't see the vision, things that God wanted them to see and understand. They were just like children, "a little here-a little there, precept upon precept", which means, they need to be fed with milk and can't contemplate with solid spiritual food. However, there is a solution for their immaturity and wickedness. God will lay the stone in Zion, a foundation for their growth and development (v16). They will be saved from the covenant of death which they have covenanted with the wicked one. But they need to hear and obey God's voice, who is wonderful in counsel, and excellent in guidance... Reading: Isaiah 28, God bless.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Isaiah 27

Leviathan that twisted serpent is the enemy of God's people (v1), from ancient to present, the spirit that corrupted the mind of the leaders and ordinary people everywhere. But with God's strong sword, the spirit of the Lord will destroy that old serpent that controls the fruitless world and worthless wilderness. Isaiah declares that Jacob is God's vineyard, and it shall blossom and bud, and fill the face of the earth with fruit. Jesus Christ has represented the people of Jacob when He built His church by calling out all people from darkness to follow His teachings. The church is the Lord's vineyard, a place that has great care taken of it, and from which precious fruits are gathered. Though there are times that the Lord contends with His people because of briers and thorns, meaning sins, yet He graciously waits to be reconciled unto them. As part of this vineyard, let us water the Lord's vineyard daily with clean water and fertilize it with His organic words... Reading: Isaiah 27, God bless.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Isaiah 26

Restoration is the desire of the Lord to the whole creation, and it must begin from His chosen people, first to the Jews, then to the righteous Gentiles. The door of the His city will be opened and allowed many people to enter in and find with perfect peace and harmony. But we must trust in Him because His power and strength is everlasting and without end (v4). The proud will be brought down, while the humble will be lifted high. Though the Lord will show grace both to good and evil men, yet many will resist and continue their wickedness at their own destructions (v14). Jesus came to fulfill this prophecy, so that when the gospel was preached to all people, indeed nations were increased, His name glorified, and His kingdom was expanded without border (v15). The sick healed, dead rose to life, evil destroyed, darkness ceased, grief banished, and many served God. Nevertheless, when dangers threaten us, it is good to hide ourselves with God who is able to protect those who abide in His love... Reading: Isaiah 26, God bless.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Isaiah 25

As God weakens the proud and those that feel secure, so He strengthens the weak that are humble and submissive to His will. He protects His people, and shelters those who trust in His words (v4), and  He will always be the Refuge of distressed believers. God's salvation is open to all people, Jews and Gentiles alike are invited in His holy mountain. The veil that is spread over all nations (v7), and the sins of darkness that ruin their lives shall be destroyed by the power of His Words. Then grief shall be banished, perfect joy shall be endless, and those that mourn for sin shall be comforted as God wipes away tears from their faces (v8). Moab, a symbol of believer's persecutors shall be devastated, while all believers will triumph with Jesus Christ. Therefore, be steadfast, unmovable, and always abounding in the work of the Lord, for our labour in Christ is not in vain... Reading: Isaiah 25, God bless.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Isaiah 24

Sin has turned the earth upside down, and the earth is become different from what it was when God first created it to be humanity's habitation. It became a world of disappointment, a vale of tears and full of troubles. Sin brings these calamities upon the earth, it became polluted, a burden to the whole creation. Therefore the whole world is made desolate by God's judgments. But there shall be a remnant preserved from judgment, and they are devout and pious people. The Lord knows who are His; but the world does not. Those who rejoice in the Lord can rejoice in tribulation, and by faith may triumph when all about them are in tears. Let us learn to mourn for sin, and rejoice in God, because no man or event can take the joy from us in Christ our Lord... Reading: Isaiah 24, God bless.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Isaiah 23

Tyre and Sidon are located in modern Lebanon, noted for high spirit, business, and joyful celebrations; but would be overthrown by the Lord Himself. The merchants and people should abandon the place, and should go uneasy from city to city like Cyprus or Tashish. When God's judgment pursue the sinners, they cannot hide themselves, and this judgment shall overtake them, "for they shall rejoice no more, and shall have no rest" (v12). God will do it, who has all power in His hand; but the Chaldeans shall be the instruments (v13). But this desolation shall not be forever. The Lord will visit them, and those tho will repent and humble shall find mercy and forgiveness (v17). When we abide with God in our calling, when we do all to advance the gospel, then our merchandise and business with the Lord shall be holy and blessed. Let us look to His glory, and make it our commitment that God will be our partner in all of our plans... Reading: Isaiah 23, God bless.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Isaiah 22

God could not spare Jerusalem from judgment as He judged all other nations. God hates sin and wickedness, and they are to be punished. Unfortunately, this chapter tells that many people are not serious about their second life. Instead of weeping, fasting, and humiliation before God, they had given themselves to feasting and party, and their language is, “Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we shall die" (v13). They look to no future state, no prospect for righteousness, no desire of heaven, but only material things and enjoyment. Isaiah said that there is no atonement for them who think this way. However, there is always forgiveness in the heart of God. The key is in the house of David, His name is Jesus. When He opens the door, no one can shut; and when He shuts it, no one can open. Praise be to God for the grace He had showered upon us, for we were allowed to get in at the house of the Son of David... Reading: Isaiah 22, God bless.