Monday, February 29, 2016

Jeremiah 33

If we want to receive comforts and blessings from the Lord, we must call upon His name. "Call to Me and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things which you do not know" (v3). Promises are given to encourage prayers and trust, and God will direct His people to the path of peace and abundance. It is God's joy to bless His people, and to receive honor from all nations of the earth. His promise to provide a man who will sit at the throne of David continuously has been fulfilled by Jesus, who is the Lord Our Righteousness, sitting at the throne forever. Christ is the Lord God, and His  kingdom is an everlasting kingdom. The promises of God's covenant shall have full accomplishment in the gospel for Israel, Judah and Gentile nations. Therefore, when we are forgiven and sanctified, we are enabled to walk before God in peace and purity by the power of the Holy Spirit... Reading: Jeremiah 33, God bless.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Jeremiah 32

Zedekiah, king of Judah had imprisoned Jeremiah for his fearful prophecy, that the king must submit to the authority of the Babylonian king.  Should Judah fight against the Babylonians, they will not succeed (v5). Yet, Jeremiah purchased a piece of land, and this was to signify that though God will carry them away to foreign land, the whole country should be possessed again because God would bring them back to their home land from captivity. Jeremiah had closed the deal and gave the land title to Baruch, and in the presence of people he adores the Yahweh in His infinite perfections. It shows that when we are in distress and trouble, do good things, think godly, exercise your faith that God is in control, and praise Him with the might that you can. We must not dispute God's will, but seek to know what it means. We have no reason to distrust God's faithfulness because His promises are true and eternal... Reading: Jeremiah 32, God bless.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Jeremiah 31

Yahweh assures His people that He will take them again into covenant relation to Himself. God draws to Him whom He loves with an everlasting love by the influence of the Spirit upon their souls, so that His goodness shall lead them to repentance. It is God who scatters them, it is also God who will gather. It is God who breaks them, and it is also God who will fix (v10). God reveals that a new covenant shall be executed, that He shall put the law in their minds and write it in their hearts (v31). As the Lord will be forever faithful to them, so as His people will follow and obey God's ordinances. God will be loyal as long as the sun gives light by day and the moon by night. He declares that if someone can measure that size of heaven, then He will cast off all the children of Israel, a metaphoric demonstration of and everlasting love of God. This kind of love is the same love that Christ had demonstrated to the true believers. While we were still sinners, He died for us... Reading: Jeremiah 31, God bless.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Jeremiah 30

There is a promise of restoration for the people of God, for those who are obedient and willing to change their old ways. Though the afflictions of God's people may last long, but they shall not last always, there is a happy ending. The good Lord will pardon the sins of His people, and break off the yoke of sin and enemies so that they may serve God without fear, in righteousness and true holiness (v10). Today, people around the world are suffering too and could not help themselves. Jesus had intended to reveal Himself that they too might be saved from the hands of their oppressors. God's dealings of His grace with repentant believer and every returning backslider are the same. The work of the Holy Spirit is to draw us near unto God, clear us from unrighteousness, and engage us in His work of restoration... Reading: Jeremiah 30, God bless .

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Jeremiah 29

Even in the very far land of Babylon, God continued to encourage His people to be patient, obedient, and always pray to their God. This letter shows that He had not forsaken them, and that they should live peaceably in this land. God said that He has a plan for them, and this plan is not evil but for their own good, to give them future and hope (v11).  If they live in the fear of the Lord, they may live comfortably in their adopted home. Also, God warned them to be careful with religious matters, not to listen to false prophets that speak smoothly and only flatters people in their sins. God promised that they should return after seventy years were accomplished. This situation is similar to Christians' experience, scattered in many parts of the world for specific reason, to bring the gospel to all the world.   Though we have not been promised to return to our original home town, our final destiny is heaven, the eternal home of all redeemed in Christ Jesus. So let us go and preach the gospel... Reading: Jeremiah 29, God bless.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Jeremiah 28

The ministry of the prophets is not an easy one. They shall encounter oppositions and should be ready for persecution and resistance. Jeremiah encountered the false prophet Hananiah urging God's people to believe in his words without asking them to repent and return to God. Hananiah prophesied words that God didn't say, but only from his own imagination and personal interest. As a result, the Lord sentenced him to die to remove from the ministry so that people may not be led from false teachings.  In modern time, there are many false prophets and Christians moving around the churches. They claimed that they are servants of Jesus, using even the word from the Bible. But the best way to detect false prophets is look at their lives, the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Look at they track records, their past ministries, and their personal relationship with God and men. Jesus said, "by their fruits you shall know them." May theLord give us spirit of discernment always... Reading: Jeremiah 28, God  bless.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Jeremiah 27

Jeremiah declared that Judah and all her neighboring countries would be made subject to the king of Babylon. God asserted that He has the sovereign power to dispose all the kingdoms on this earth as He pleases, and "to give it to whom it seemed proper to Me" (v5). The things in this world are not the best things, for the Lord allowed even the evil men to reign. And for this reason, we should desire for a better place to live in. Those who shall not serve God shall serve their enemies that seek to ruin their lives. The prophet urged the people to prevent their destruction and submit to the will of God, that it is better to suffer for a little while than to be destroyed permanently. In Christianity, it is better to submit to the will of Jesus Christ, take up the cross, suffer for a while, and follow Him, than to be destroyed the souls in the fire of hell eternally. Let us not be despair when the entire church is in trouble in our time, because Jesus will return in perfect time to reign over all the earth... Reading: Jeremiah 27, God bless.

Jeremiah 26

Jeremiah did not seek to please men, or to save himself from harm. He declared that if people will not be subject to the commands of God, they make themselves subject to the curse of God. But the priests and prophets charged him as deserving death, and bore false witness against him. Here shows that as long as ministers keep close to the word of God, they need not to fear. If we are for God, He will protect us from any danger. He will honor and recompense those who show kindness to men, and those that are persecuted for His sake... Reading: Jeremiah 26, God bless.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Jeremiah 25

Jeremiah had been preaching the word of God to the people of Israel for more than twenty years,  rising early and speaking, but they did not repent to turn away the wrath of God. The Lord is keeping an account how long the people hear His words to save and grant them the grace. Therefore, God had decided to punish them, and fix the time for seventy years, during which the Israelites captivity in Babylon should last, but bring them back after. It shows that God's anger is only for a while, but His comfort and encouragement is everlasting. Not only the Israelites shall be punished, but also the surrounding nations that rejected the rule of God. The good news is, there is a promise of restoration for the people of God, but none to the non-beleiving nations. In our experience, we may encounter some difficulties in life that may weaken our faith to God, but always remember that we are God's children, redeemed by the blood of Christ. His words not to leave us nor forsake us is a promise that He will never forget... Reading:Jeremiah 25, God bless.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Jeremiah 24

Jeremiah saw two baskets of figs set to be as offerings to the temple. The first basket had a very good fruits, while the other had a very bad. The good fruits represent the pious captives, and this vision was given in order  to raise the spirits of those gone into captivity by assuring of God's protection, and that God will bring them back to the land. Sometimes, God allows suffering to His people because it has better effect on their spiritual life, and His intention is never in vain. The sooner the child is corrected, the better effect the correction is likely to have. By allowing afflictions, we were convinced that we are sinners and need to pray and humble ourselves under the power of God. On the other hand, the bad fruits like king Zedekiah and his princes shall be judged and could not recover. This prophecy had its fulfillment in that age, and can be applied to us by looking up to the Lord Jesus Christ who will help us even in time of our dispersion in our adopted country... Reading: Jemeriah 24, God bless.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Jeremiah 23

The entire land of Israel was in trouble because of the wicked spiritual leaders of the land, prophets and priests. They had caused God's people to to err and to believe false prophesies. They spoke dreams and visions which God did not give them, leading people away from the Word of God. The Lord even compared the land to Sodom and Gomorrah because of immorality and evil doings the leaders had done secretly. God said, "Can anyone hide himself in secret place, so I shall not see them?" (v23). In other words, God blamed the spiritual leaders for the wickedness of the people of God, politicians and common. Indeed, spiritual leaders have great responsibilities to lead the people of God to walk in the path of righteousness, even though some of them will not like it. God's promise to send the Branch from David (v5) who will be the "Lord Our Righteousness" was fulfilled in the person of Jesus Christ. He is the Good Shepherd that leads us in the the narrow but eternal path...  Reading: Jeremiah 23, God bless.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Jeremiah 22

God's desire for the kings of Judah, who sit on the throne of David was to preserve the kingdom and government. Let them follow David's example, to do their duty in righteousness, so that the entire land may have the benefits of the promises made by the Lord. But the prophet proclaimed, "Woe to him who builds his house by unrighteousness, and his chamber by injustice" (v13). Sin will be the ruin of the houses of kings and princes, as well as evil men and women. Josiah's son Shallum and Jehoiakim's son Coniah will die wretched captives in the land of Babylon. How short is earthly life compared to the eternity that God offers to mankind.  Those who shall hear and obey the voice of Jesus Christ, and follow Him till the end have eternal life and shall never perish. The Lord's promise that they shall never be plucked out from the hands of the Father... Reading: Jeremiah 22, God bless.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Jeremiah 21

When the siege against Judah had begun by the Babylonian armies, King Zedekiah sent his men to Jeremiah to inquire of the Lord regarding this event. Finally, they remembered the Lord in this time of trouble. It shows that when men are in danger, they will seek the counsel and prayers of those whom they despised and opposed in the past, but they only want to seek deliverance from God's punishment (v2). But Jeremiah told them the truth of the coming judgment, that God Himself will fight against the king of Judah and his people (v5). He had been preaching the message of repentance in the entire land, but nobody cares and pay attention. As the king and his princes would not surrender, the people are exhorted to do the same. In time of judgment, no sinner on earth is left without a Savior, because God will punish people according to the fruit of their doings (v14). The way of life in God's eyes is humbling, and it requires self-denial... Reading: Jeremiah 21, God bless.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Jeremiah 20

The ministry of a prophet is a very risky service, but he/she should be willing to obey the Lord, expecting negative reaction from others, but protection from God. When Jeremiah pronounced the doom of Pashur and his family into the hands of the Babylonian, it was a shocking news in the hearing of this priest. Pashur smote Jeremiah and put the prophet in the stocks. Jeremiah complained to God of the insult and injury he experienced. However, he knew that God's power is a grace to keep him doing God's business and plan. In our lives, whatever injuries are done to us, we must leave them to God to whom vengeance belongs, and Who has all the knowledge on what is going on in our surrounding. Let us open our hearts to God, and surely He will enable us to see deliverance with good result. When the grace of God shows victory it is alright to admit our ignorance and admire the goodness of God, and be warned to guard our spirit always... Reading: Jeremiah 20, God bless.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Jeremiah 19

The worst of all the sins of the Israelites was when they offered their sons and daughters to Baal, similar to the practice of the neighboring nations, burning these kids with fire in altars and high places (v5). God had never told them to do such, rather He wanted them to be faithful with the covenant and obedient to the Torah. God who is long-suffering and compassionate in His nature had given up over the desires of their evil hearts. The potter's vessel in which God had told Jeremiah to bring at the Gate and smash into pieces is a symbol of the destruction of Jerusalem by the enemies.  No human hand can repair the broken vessel, except God, if they return to the Lord who is able to heal and bring them back. Whatever we think of God or the Son of God, He will appear as terrible Judge against the sin and stubborn people, but the loving Father to the repentant heart. May we understand the mystery of the gospel of Jesus Christ... Reading: Jeremiah 19, God bless.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Jeremiah 18

Jeremiah tells that it is God who has the power over His creatures, and He is presented here as the Potter that form and fashion all people and kingdoms as He pleases (v6). As it would be absurd for us to dispute with God on the things that He wants us to be, so as for the clay to quarrel with the potter. But God uses people to do this process, and always result for quarrel and misunderstanding, specially to those who don't understand the mystery of God's attributes. When God wants us to grow in all aspect of life, He uses people who are seasoned and matured in the word of God.  If we are sincere and honest in our relationship with God, our conversion from the evil of sin and ignorance will prevent the discipline and God's punishment. When God said that His people had chosen "to walk in pathways and not on a highway" (v18), it means they are not comfortable to walk in a high standard of God, but they prefer to walk in the way of the world, a popular way to many. Come on, let us go and walk in the highway of holiness... Reading: Jeremiah 18, God bless.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Jeremiah 17

The heart is the most important thing Christians should give attention to. Why? Because it is sick and desperately wicked (v9). In the Bible, heart refers to character and personality of a person. No one can tell what is inside our heart except God. Jeremiah knew that the attitude of the heart is the main problem of every society, even in modern time. If we put our trust in the heart, we are accursed (v5), because we put our trust in wicked and sick thing; in our erroneous attitude. However, if we put our trust to God, who made the heavens and the earth, and the One who knows all the secret of the hearts, we are blessed (v7). We will always flourish in whatever we do and plan. We all make mistakes, but those who put God first in their heart will be guided and protected in all of his ways. May the Lord Jesus grant us favors in all of our doings... Reading: Jeremiah 17, God bless.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Jeremiah 16

Jeremiah was forbidden to marry and to have children so that he would not experience the coming judgment of God to all  the families of Judah. As God's children, there are many things that we wanted to do in this world but can't be done for the sake of God's plans. We don't want family separation, migration, poverty, working in a far country,sicknesses,  and yet it happened in our lives because God has a purpose. When God remove peace from our lives, distress shall follow. And the only solution is to be reconciled with the Prince of Peace. It is true that our parents did not teach us to read the Bible and be faithful to God (v11), nevertheless we don't have to blame them for such a thing since we are personally liable to our own action. Judah will be judged for blaming others for their own mistakes, not willing to take responsibility for their own action. Our prayer is to be humble, to open our eyes that we may see our own sins, and not the sins of others... Reading: Jeremiah 16, God bless.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Jeremiah 15

The Lord declares that even if Moses and Samuel intercede in behalf of the Israelite, their prayers shall be in vain. What God wanted from His people is personal repentance and humility. It is true that we need to pray for our non-beleiving love ones, but God requires them to acknowledge their sins and that they need the Savior for their own salvation. The land was in trouble because of king Manasseh, according to the prophet. It tells that bad examples and misused authority shall produce catastrophic effect against the people. Like Jeremiah, if we will pray and seek God's will by "eating" His word and internalized them, we will find joy and assurance of God's protection and security. If we are sincere, God will not allow us to be destroyed by dishonest people. We shall be like a fortified bronze and we shall prevail against evil devices because Jesus is the strength of our hearts... Reading: Jeremiah 15, God bless.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Jeremiah 14

The drought upon the land of Judah was severe and the people were in tears. There was no water in the cistern and no grass in the field. But drought was not only physical but spiritual as well. The false prophets prophesy lies in the name of Yahweh (v14). They didn't teach the word of God, they only shared their vain imaginations, false vision, erroneous belief and deceit of their heart. These false servants used their own opinion as they gave advices to the people, rather than the word of God. They taught salvation and peace, without repentance. Therefore, God pronounces condemnation on them, saying that He will not listen to their prayers and will reject their worthless offerings (v11). Like Jeremiah, let us also acknowledge our owns sins, because the Lord will always have a people who are willing to plead with Him at His mercy and grace. Glory to the name of His Son Jesus Christ... Reading: Jeremiah 14, God bless.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Jeremiah 13

In ancient time, it was normal to teach people by signs and symbols. The ruined sash represents the departure of the glory of Jerusalem from its former status (v7). The  Israelites had been with God, as this sash girdled to Jeremiah, but they preferred to be away from the God of their forefathers. In time of Jeremiah, the nation was being led by the drunkards, wicked men that did't know the purpose of their existence. As the bottle symbolizes the vessel for wine, so as the heart to be the vessel for sins and iniquities. The prophet exhorts them to give glory to God, by confessing their sins, humbling themselves in repentance, and returning to God's service, otherwise they would be carried into other countries (v24). Sin distorted the nature of men, we were shapen by it, so that we cannot get the clear picture in our surrounding. The God of all grace is able to change us by giving us new divine nature in Christ our Redeemer... Reading: Jeremiah 13, God bless.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Jeremiah 12

Jeremiah complains about the prosperity of the wicked, and why are evil people so happy? When we find it hard to understand any of God's dealing with us and all kinds of people, we must look to this  truth that God knows everything, and there is no favoritism and unrighteousness in Him. He is sovereign, He is in control, and He looks at the attitude of the hearts of men; the deceit of the hypocrites and the sincerity of the upright. However, in the midst of trials and difficulties, God's people must consider how we should behave. Today, many people are professing to be followers of Christ, but portraying the mixture of religion and the worldliness in their lives. Like in the days of Jeremiah, the whole world is made desolate. But there is a day of reckoning, when the Lord's hand is lifted up to pour out his judgment. Their gold and silver, and their possessions cannot save them in the day of God's anger. Only Jesus has the power to save men on that very day.... Reading: Jeremiah 12, God bless.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Jeremiah 11

God was not happy to see His children suffer, for He Himself suffered too. However, God will not tolerate them to continue sinning, and no man can be saved who who does not obey the command of God to repent, to obey His word, to separate from sin and the world, and to choose newness of life. The Lord said that a person is a cursed if he does not obey His words (v3), and punishment is the last choice of God for disobedient children. In time of Jeremiah, the Israelites have broken God's covenant (v10). They dishonor not only the words of God but also the hearts of their forefathers. The Lord had declared that when troubles come upon them, He will not hear their cry. Though we are living in the New Testament era, the justice of God is still a terror to the wicked, but a comfort to the godly. When we are wronged, we have to commit our cause to the Lord, ask His forgiveness and stop doing sin again. We must look well to our own spirits, our own character, not others', that we are not overcome with evil... Jeremiah 11, God bless.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Jeremiah 10

Jeremiah shows the glory and power of God of Israel who controls the entire universe (v12), and exposes the foolishness of idolaters (v3-5). Charms, amulets, and other religious symbols that give magical power are work of errors, and copied only from the wicked customs of the pagan countries. The prophet warned that if they will continue serving these false gods, the Lord has no choice but to throw the inhabitants of the land out from His sight (18). But if they will stand in awe and not dare provoke God by serving Him and giving the glory due Him, He is ready to forgive and save all who repent and believe in His holy name. Since the report of the enemy's coming was very dreadful (v22), Jeremiah put his trust on his God, who alone can direct our steps into the ways of peace and righteousness.... Reading: Jeremiah 10, God bless.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Jeremiah 9

Many people accustomed their tongues to speak lies, and this was the problem of Jeremiah during his days. A brother could not be trusted, in dealing with business, they spoke one thing, but do another thing, though they knew it to be false. "One speaks peaceably to his neighbor but lies in his heart" (v8). Yet the Lord marked their sin. He will not tolerate His people to live in carnality, but He will do something to change their way. "I will refine them and try them" (v7). He will scatter them among the Gentiles and punish them through these cruel people. And God declared that only the wise men can understand this act.  In our time of sin and sorrow, it is so foolish for men to glory in their education, achievements, money and possessions, or in any things which leaves them under the dominion of sin and the wrath of God! The true people of God have no confidence in the worldly desires, but rejoice in the presence of Christ, whose interest only is to walk closer in God all they days of their lives... Reading: Jeremiah 9, God bless.