Saturday, April 30, 2016

Ezekiel 29

Egypt will perish and shall not be able to recover. This is the end of mens' pride, presumption, and carnal security. Self is the great idol which all the people worship. The Lord is against the arrogant and those who do harm to others, especially to His chosen people, and more against those who lead people to sin. Egypt shall be a kingdom but have little wealth and power. God is doing this so that all the inhabitants of the world shall know that He is the Lord of all(v6). History shows that this prophecy had been fulfilled, and Egypt had never been a superpower nation again (v15). To punish the Egyptians and take away all her wealth, God used another powerful and wicked kingdom, the Babylonian. As we understand the Scriptures, let us continue to be vigilant but faithful in His service, so that we may stand in His presence on the day of judgment without fear... Reading: Ezekiel 29, God bless.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Ezekiel 28

In ancient time, kings and princes believed that they were descendants of the gods. The king of Tyre, being lifted up with pride and personal adoration, was claiming of divine honor. Spiritual pride is the greatest sin of fallen angels and human beings. This king thought that he can protect his people and nation by his own power. Your money cannot protect you oh men! God declared that even though the king had been endowed with beauty and wisdom on the day he was created, they are still beyond compare to the attributes of the true God.  Because he had corrupted his wisdom for using it for personal gain and not to God, therefore, he will be judged and cast him to the lowest pit. Sidon is located in the border of Israel and they must learn from the Israelites to glorify God, but they seduced Israel to worship their idols. God will display His truth, power and mercy in the salvation of His redeemed people.. Reading: Ezekiel 28, God bless.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Ezekiel 27

Tyre is a city famous for its merchandise. Businessmen, traders, artists, and tourists from around the globe came, allowing people from all walks of life to transact trade and commence. In the account of the trade of Tyre, it shows that God's eye is upon men when employed in worldly business. In all of men's dealing, they should  keep a good and fair conscience in buying and selling.  God as Creator of mankind makes one country bound in one commodity, and another in other things. But when riches increase, they set their hearts in material things and forget the Lord who gives power to get wealth. For this reason, many mighty and magnificent kingdoms in the past collapsed like Tyre. Those who make creatures their confidence and not the Creator will fall with them. As Christians, let us not stop seeking the kingdom of God and His righteousness first and foremost... Reading: Ezekiel 27, God bless.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Ezekiel 26

Men and merchants from Tyre (modern Lebanon) were lovers of money, selfish traders whose hearts are hardened by the love of riches. It comes from a covetous principle and love of the world as their happiness, which the love of true God and obedience to His precepts were forbidden. But the Lord saw everything declaring that this nation will fall, her walls collapse and people perish. Horses with chariots from Babylon will come like a wave of the seas, and the dust of their horses will cover the entire land (v10).   The lesson here is that the fallen of the others should awaken us out of security, because all that is earthly is vanity and temporary. And those who have the most prosperity now will soon be out of sight forever... Reading:Ezekiel 26, God bless.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Ezekiel 25

Ammon (v2), Moab (v8), Edom (12), and Philistia (15) were neighbors but enemies of Israel, and were so  glad when the Babylonians destroyed the Israelites. It is evil to rejoice at the calamities of any people, especially of God's people, and it is a sin for which God will surely consider. When God's people suffers, He also suffer, and it is better to know Him in time of suffering than living in comfort but ignorant of Him. Those who are happy for material things than Divine provision and protection will be ashamed of their own materialism. Let us pray unceasingly that God will heal us from any form of anger and hatred that we may be able to stand in Christ our Redeemer without fear in the day of judgment... Reading: Ezekiel 25, God bless.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Ezekiel 24

The pot on the fire represented Jerusalem besieged by the Chaldeans. All people, nobles and common alike living inside the walls of the city were prepared as victims for the enemies. Jerusalem was to be leveled to the ground because of filthiness, and the appointed time for punishment had come.  Then God took the life of Ezekiel's wife (v18), the desire of his eyes, and warned him not to mourn nor weep (23). The meaning of this death means God took from them all that was dearest to them.  Ezekiel should not weep for afflictions, so neither should all Israelites weep for their love ones too. Remember that God is our Father, and if all comforts and encouragements fail, our broken hearts with prayers are always acceptable to God through Christ our Redeemer... Reading: Ezekiel 24, God bless.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Ezekiel 23

This is another parable that focused on the apostasy and disobedience of the entire land of Israel, Jerusalem in the south and Samaria in the north. Samaria bears the name Oholah, "her own tabernacle" because the places of worship were of their own devise. Jerusalem bears the name "Oholibah "because they put their own name in the temple which God Himself had chosen. The language and figures used in this parable are according to their own times and ancient culture. God declared that both cities had committed (spiritual) adultery with their idols, and blood is on their hands(v37). They had defiled the name of God, including His sacred sanctuary. As the Lord lives, the assembly shall stone the adulterers with stones (v47), a form of judgment according to the Law of Moses... Reading: Ezekiel 23, God bless.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Ezekiel 22

Jerusalem was declared bloody city ripe for judgment, because of her crimes. They provoked God for ignoring His law, and has filled the measure of her sins. It is compared to gold and silver thrown away at the furnace to be refined. God looked for a man who shall stand in the gap but He found none (v30). So God Himself shall purify them to see that they would no longer  continue in sinful life, then they shall know that He is the  Lord. The dross shall be separated, and the good metal purified. Today, if we suffer for anything, bear that in our hearts that these are light and momentary afflictions. If our trials are not sanctified by the power of the Holy Spirit, far worse things will come upon us. Therefore, let all who fear God unite and promote His truth and righteousness, as the Lord Jesus commanded us to seek it... Reading: Ezekiel 22, God bless.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Ezekiel 21

The Lord had declared that Jerusalem and the whole land shall be cut off, that all might know it was His decree against a disobedient and rebellious people. He shall use the sword (v9) and whatever instruments God uses in executing His judgment, He will strengthen them according to the service they are employed in. Ezekiel saw the Babylonian armies coming to overthrow the kingdom of Judah till the coming of Him whose right it is (v20). And in the midst of this warning, we can still hear God's mercy, shown to the sinful men willing to repent. God would also judge the Ammonites, that made false prophecies of victory. Let us continue to pray for mercy, use our understanding in doing good, and stay away from people that are expert in doing evil in this world... Reading: Ezekiel 21, God bless.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Ezekiel 20

The story of the Israelites in the wilderness had been told and retold in many passages both in OT and NT. This is the very foundation of this nation, and God did great things for them by giving the law, and reviving the Sabbath which is the sign of God's covenant with the Israelites.  But, they rebelled and were left to the judgments they brought upon themselves. They became idolaters, followed the ways of the surrounding nations, even passed their sons through the fire, a common practice  in ancient Canaan. They had forgotten that they were called to be holy, peculiar people with special purpose, exclusive for Yahweh. Nevertheless, God had promised that He will preserve a people, remnant for Himself, and He will bring them back out from the countries they had been scattered. This book had been telling repeatedly that God has a remnant, a small number of people that will be preserved for His own purpose. May the Lord help us to be more faithful and obedient to our calling and the assigned works till the end of our lives... Reading: Ezekiel 20, God bless.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Ezekiel 19

Ezekiel used a parable to compare the kingdom of Judah to a lioness, and the kings are her cubs (v1). When the cubs (kings) had grown up, they became cruel and oppressive, making their own kingdom a victim (v3), but to their own destruction. He shows that advancement to authority can bring people to desire for more ambitions and selfishness in their hearts, and those who spend their lives in mischief generally end them by violence. Then he added that Jerusalem was a vine, flourishing and fruitful, but is now destroyed, having no strong branch, no scepter for ruling (v14). Ezekiel meant that the righteousness of God is to be acknowledged, so that when those who have terrified and enslaved others, are themselves terrified and enslaved... Reading: Ezekiel 19, God bless.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Ezekiel 18

The soul that sins shall die, shall be separated from God. All souls are in the hand of our Creator, and He will deal with us individually with mercy and justice.  No child shall perish because of the sins of the parent, and vice verse. Those who repent shall be forgiven and declared righteous, while those who ignore God's call shall be condemned. We all have sinned, and if God will deal with us according to His words, no one can stand. Salvation is not based of merits and good works, so God sent His Son to redeem us from our spiritual defects and deficiencies. The Lord will judge each of us according to our ways. In all our disputes and misunderstanding with God, be it known that He is in the right place and we are in the wrong. This is an exhortation to repent and to give the Israelites a new heart and new spirit, that those who desire this change may seek it from God... Reading: Ezekiel 18, God bless.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Ezekiel 17

This parable is related to the nation of Israel, and the mighty conquerors are compared to birds to rule and command. But their passion are overruled by God to advance His  plan and design. Those who depart from God by doing their own carnal desire for another will never prosper. God explained that in the history of Israel, they had been ungrateful to Him. The Lord will not hold those guiltless who takes His name in vain, and no man shall escape the righteous judgment of God who dies under unrepented guilt. The unbelief of men shall not make the promise of God none effect, it will surely come to pass. At the end, God made a promise of the destruction of the enemies but exaltation of the Redeemer, where we shall refuge from the danger and wrath to come, Jesus Christ, the flourishing One... Reading: Ezekiel 17, God bless.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Ezekiel 16

God's dealings with the children of Abraham from the beginning as a nation and their conduct towards Him are described here. Presented in a parable of an exposed infant rescued from death, then took her in God's arm, educated, espoused and richly provided for. However, she abandoned her husband and made harlotry by inviting people around her, yet she still received into favor, and she became ashamed of her base conduct. God's intention in this parable was to convict the Israelites and raise hatred to idolatry, and such a parable was well suited for that purpose. After full warning of judgments, mercy is remembered and reserved. The Divine mercy should be powerful to melt our hearts into godly sorrow for sin. God does not want any sinner to perish, but He requires humility and obedient, and come to trust in His mercy and grace through Jesus Christ... Reading: Ezekiel 16, God bless.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Ezekiel 15

God illustrates to Ezekiel that if the vine be fruit it is valuable, but if not, it is worthless and useless, and is cast to the fire. Jerusalem is like an unfruitful vine, unable to produce fruit. But God said that a man is capable of yielding a precious fruit in the eyes of God. This is the sole end of his existence, and if he fails in this, he is useless but to be  destroyed. There are so many people that are spiritually blind, living in the total neglect of God and the true faith. Let us beware of an unfruitful Christianity, but remain in Christ and in His words, through Bible Study and fellowship, for He is able to produce fruits in us... Reading: Ezekiel 15, God bless.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Ezekiel 14

Some people went to Ezekiel to inquire about the Lord, but God immediately spoke to Ezekiel that no outward form of religiosity can be acceptable to God, so long as any idol possesses the heart. Men's corruption are idols in their hearts, their gods are their own desire and their passion for money and material things, but not the true God of Abraham. The entire land of Israel will be judged because the whole populations listened to the corrupt leadership. National sins will bring national judgments. Even if Noah, Daniel, and Job intercede for their sins, God cannot deliver them because they had filled the measures of their sins (v16). But there will be remnant who will be brought out, people who are true and faithful to their calling, and God knows the hearts of these men. They are those who had been accepted by God because they are hoping that there is a Savior who will deliver them from the day of judgment. May the Lord find us faithfully serving Him on the day of Christ's return... Reading: Ezekiel 14, God bless.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Ezekiel 13

God is against false prophets and erroneous teachers, they were not sent by God, and their intention was to destroy the spiritual life of the people. They want people to listen to them but not to God's words. The truth is, the minds of men should be awakened to a sense of their guilt and danger; yet nothing will be effectual without the influences of the Bible and Holy Spirit. Unfortunately, only few are willing to change their old ways and attitude. "Woe to the women who saw magic charms on their sleeves and make veils for the heads of the people of every being to hunt souls..." (v18). The true prophet exhorts people to give glory to God, by confessing their sins, humbling themselves in repentance, and returning to God's service using the Bible. Otherwise the unrepentant person would be carried into the place of darkness of personal idolatry and self-righteousness. Let us then seek help from Christ our Lord who is able and mighty to save... Reading: Ezekiel 13, God bless.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Ezekiel 12

Ezekiel declares that the people of Judah have eyes to see and ears to hear but spiritually blind and deaf. He has to demonstrate literally by bringing out his belongings as though going to captivity, escaping from the enemy, so that they may understand God's message. His actions signifies the conduct and fate of the king and princes of Judah: "I am a sign to you" (11). Then Ezekiel must eat and drink in care and fear, with trembling, that he might express the condition during the siege. God declares that they will be scattered, but few will be spared from sword and famine as His witnesses wherever they go. Indeed, the afflictions are grievous, but these may improve the knowledge of God that make people more careful and obedient. Though some may mock God's words, but we know that whatever He says, He will fulfill in perfect time. Our response should be to seek peace with the Lord... Reading: Ezekiel 13, God bless

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Ezekiel 11

The rulers of the people claimed that they are safe in the city as flesh in a boiling pot (v4), because the walls that covers the city shall be to them as brass of protection, and they shall receive no more destruction from their enemies. But the Lord said that no one can save them, not even the walls if the Lord began to execute His judgment. However, if the people will amend their ways, and stop copying  the customs of the Gentiles, then God will stop His judgment. The Lord had promised that He will be with them in the countries where they have gone (v16). He shall give them one heart, a heart firmly fixed for God. The carnal and stoney heart shall be removed, and a new spirit will be implanted that they may be able to obey God's perfect will. This promised had been realized when Christ came to earth bringing the new spirit from heaven... Reading: Ezekiel 11, God bless.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Ezekiel 10

Ezekiel saw in a vision of coal of fire scattered over the city of Jerusalem (v2). This seems to have signified the wrath of God to be executed upon the holy city; and an advance notice too for the future generations, that the whole earth will be burnt up in the last days. Angels and cherubim are God's servants in spirit world, having weird appearance, four-faced creatures, full of eyes (v12), that executed God's commands. Ezekiel saw the Divine works in the government on both higher and lower level and the affairs of it. And when God is leaving a people in displeasure, angels above and all events below depart as well. Here shows that the Lord directs all creatures, in heaven and on earth, so as to make them serve God's divine purpose. It its our prayer that God will continue to protect us and guide us with His spirit in doing His perfect will... Reading: Ezekiel 10, God bless.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Ezekiel 9

God shows Ezekiel the Divine glory from above the ark, removed to the threshold, denoted that the Lord was about to leave His mercy-seat because of the wickedness of people. And when God leave the place, judgment follows.  However, in the midst of of destructions, there is a remnant that is to be saved, marked by the spirit of God (v4), such as those who cry out to God in prayer because of the abominations in Jerusalem. Those who keep pure in times of general wickedness, God will keep safe in times of general trouble and distress. Here, the slaughter must begin at the sanctuary, that all may see and know that the Lord hates sin most in those nearest to Him. Let's continue to pray for ourselves and in behalf of others that they too may see God's grace of salvation in this wicked world... Reading: Ezekiel 9, God bless.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Ezekiel 8

While Ezekiel was sitting with the elders, God showed him a vision by conveying in spirit to Jerusalem. There, in the inner court of the temple, the people worshipped Tammuz, the god of the Babylonians, and the sun toward the east. It was a secret place, thinking themselves out of God's sight. Can a person hide anything from the Lord? Nothing can be hidden in God's eye, for we are all naked before His eyes. The Lord appears to Ezekiel concerning the abominable acts of the elders, and "they put the branch in their nose" (v17), denoting some custom used by the idol worshippers in honor of the images they served. Humans are basically idol worshippers, but the more the believers search themselves through the words of God, the more they will humble themselves before God, receiving God's forgiveness and blessing... Reading : Ezekiel 8, God bless

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Ezekiel 7

The Israelites were not wiling to amend their sinful way, nor renewing their responsibilities and duties to their God. They thought that the temple would be their protection. The temple activities was the center of their religious life, such as Sabbath service, offering animals, singing and worshipping Yahweh, but they were not enough for God to be accepted. They need also to do other important things such as mercy, humility, love, honesty and others virtues. When Jesus came, He went to the temple and cleansed the entire area of the court, telling them that this is not a place for business and other unacceptable things, but a house of prayer and worship. The direct tendency of this sin is malice against God... Reading: Ezekiel 7, God bless.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Ezekiel 6

God shall judge idolatries even by the hand of idolaters. Israelites were worshipping idols and God shall use another idol worshipers, the Babylonians to judge them.  Surely the days are coming when the Lord will destroy all idols and idol worship in His church everywhere. But the remnant of Israel shall be left and in their scattering shall remember the Lord and their responsibilities to Him. They shall repent from their sins and share His goodness to others. Therefore, it is the Christians' duty to be affected and to look with compassion upon the miseries the sinners brought upon themselves... Reading: Ezekiel 6, God bless.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Ezekiel 5

The prophet must shave off the hair of his head and beard,  as God requires, which signifies God's utter rejecting and abandoning His people. Some should perish by famine and pestilence, others were slain by the sword, another were to be scattered in the land of the conqueror, and few were preserved. Those who fled, the fire and sword of God's wrath will consume them. This sentence passed upon Jerusalem is very dreadful, and no one is able to stand in God's sight when He is angry. As Christian and New Testament's people of God, our response should be continued endeavor to seek the kingdom of Jesus and His righteous teachings, because God's word will prove itself true... Reading: Ezekiel 5, God bless.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Ezekiel 4

God told Ezekiel to lie on his side for a number of days, supposed to be equal to the years from the establishment of idol worship in the land.  These signs were set before the children of Israel, including the destruction of Jerusalem, representing the sins of the people that provoke God to destroy this once flourishing city. The small amount of bread and water tells that the people's eating habit was to be reduced during the siege and captivity. Ezekiel grew up in a priestly family with much luxury and abundance, so that he never experienced to eat anything forbidden by law. But this time, he had no choice but to do what is forbidden to show the profanity of his people's actions. Unfortunately, their plenty had been abused to excess and God is punishing them by famine and scarcity. When men do not serve God with cheerfulness in the abundance of all things, God will make them serve their enemies in the want of all things... Reading: Ezekiel 4, God bless.