Saturday, May 13, 2017

1 Peter 4

The true Christians follow the will of God, not their own desires, nor the rule of their lives, because the Holy Spirit alters our mind, judgment, affections, and the entire being. When a person is truly converted, it is grievous to think how the time past of his/her life had been spent. We were one dead, but made alive to Christ when the gospel was preached to us. But suffering for Christ became part of our lives when we give it up to Him. We should not be ashamed when we experience trials and strange things, because we are partaker of His nature and ministry. Now we can confidently says that the Lord is our portion, and nothing but the glory through Christ is solid and lasting that abide in me  for ever. God is cleansing us, or judging us in this present world, so that we would not be judged in the world to come. And if we the believers are barely saved, what will happen to unbelievers? God bless.

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