Thursday, May 18, 2017

2 Peter 3

There will be scoffers and revilers in the last days, mocking the teaching of the Bible and attacking the followers of Christ. They do not believe that Jesus will come again, and therefore they don't fear God's warning. Peter said that the heavens and the earth that we are in now will be destroyed by fire (v7). This is as sure to come, as the power of God can make it. If some people think that God is slow about His promises, there are some reasons to consider; first, one thousand years is only one day to God, second, He is being patient for our sake, because He does not want anyone to be perished, but wants all people to repent (v9). If our focus is only in this earth, what will become of us on the day of judgment, knowing that all these things shall be burned up? Therefore, learn to make a right use of patience because God is patient to us. Read and study the word of God and apply it well, don't twist it as others do that will end up to their own destruction. Labor to know Christ more, that we may be like Him and to love Him better.  God bless.

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