Tuesday, May 9, 2017

James 5

All idolized treasures, personal accomplishments, and earthly securities will soon perish, except those  things that glorify the Lord. God does not forbid us to live in pleasure, however sinful pleasure is a provoking sin. As we serve the Lord, let us wait patiently on His return, like the one who waits for a crop of corn till harvest time (v7). Men count time long, because they measure it by their own lives; but all time is as nothing to God, it is as a moment. Let us serve God and bear our trials, like Job who believe that the end will crown all. Our eternal happiness is safe if we trust in Christ, while all else is just a vanity and irrelevant. Do not swear and make promises to God or men, if you are unwilling to fulfill them. The Lord will not hold that person guiltless who takes His name in vain. When we accepted Jesus and promised to serve Him till the end of life, make sure to fulfill that promises till the end of your life. Finally, let us pray one with another, don't stop seeking God's will, because the prayer of the righteous and forgiven person are effective and powerful. God bless

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