Monday, July 10, 2017

Genesis 15

After the war of nations, God assured Abram of safety and happiness, "I am your shield." It tells that those who believe in His name shall be protected by God Himself from enemies and disasters. Then Abram told his complaint to God, that he had no child and it took away all his comfort. Immediately, God gave Abram a promise of a son, and his descendants shall be as many as the stars in heaven. Abram believed in God's words, and He accounted it to him for righteousness (v6). Then the Lord told him to bring animal sacrifices and cut them into two. But the vulture came to eat those animals, and he drove them away. In our lives, we must drive away those evil vultures, and concentrate on God without any distraction. As the sun went down and became dark, a deed sleep fell upon Abram, and a smoking oven and flaming torch had passed between halves of the dead animals. So that day, the Lord made the covenant with Abram (while sleeping). It shows that it is God who would take care and fulfill this covenant to Abram's descendant for all generation. Today, God remains faithful to His promises and our faith to His Son Jesus Christ made us righteous in God's eye. God bless.


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