Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Genesis 16

Sarai was barren, and after living ten years in Canaan, she's no longer expecting to have a child.  She proposed to Abram to take her slave Hagar saying, “you may sleep with my servant girl, and her children shall be mine” (v2). Abram heeded her voice, and this was done without asking counsel of the Lord, as if they had forgotten the power of the Almighty. In every situation in life, there is some cross and hardship to bear, and if we will not exercise our faith to wait upon God's perfect will, that will put us out of God's way. Hagar conceived and became arrogant toward Sarah. As a result, Sarah dealt with her harshly. Hagar herself had given first the provocation to make the whole situation even worse. As part of the lesson, those who suffer for their faults, ought to bear it. Hagar fled from their presence, but the Angel of the Lord found her, blessed her and son Ishmael, and told her to return to them, which she did. Her encounter with God changed her to have a better temper, and that softened Sarai's behavior too. Indeed, our experience of God will change us to be a brand new person. God bless.

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