Saturday, July 15, 2017

Genesis 20

God spoke to Abimelech and told him the danger of death for his sin. But Abimelech pleads ignorance, because he knew that he had been cheated into a snare by Abraham. A sinner will always commit sin, and every sinner is a deadman, but an honest person will always be honest, and God knows their honesty and will acknowledge it. If we had done wrong ignorantly, that will excuse us, but if we persist to commit sin, we shall certainly receive the consequence for the wrong which we had done. Abraham knew the crooked ways and policies of Abimelech, and for that reason, he told him that Sarah was his sister, daughter of his father to other woman, which was also true. This story tells that in time of temptations and troubles, God is here with us. But we need to use our wisdom too and the word of God, in order to escape the effect when we yield to commit sin. Though our Lord will rebuke us if we commit sin, yet He will pardon and deliver us, and give us favor in the sight of men when we humble ourselves. God bless

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