Saturday, July 1, 2017

Genesis 8

The whole race were now dead, except the family of Noah, and God remembered them. This shows the return of God's mercy to humanity, of whom He would not make a full end. Then God send wind to dry the earth, and at the end of 150 days, the waters subsided. Noah then sent forth a raven but did not return, then he sent a dove, but found no resting place and so returned. This story is a symbol of men's relationship with God; others returned to God while others are not willing to return. After few days, he again sent the dove and brought an olive leaf plucked off, showing that the trees began to appear above water. Then the ark rested on a dry ground, and Noah went out of the ark and brought with them all the animals so that they may multiply on the earth. The first thing that they did in the new but desolate world was to worship God, by offering clean animals. God was pleased with what was done, and He declared that He would never drown the world again. We see God's promise to all living things made good, and it may conclude that His promise of salvation to all believers shall be true and faithful. God bless.

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